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No one really gets the distinction between the two things called WordPress at first, the dot-com and the dot-org.

On dot-com in just a few clicks you’re set up on a web-scale centralized platform that constantly gets new upgrades and features. And you never have to worry about it because it’s completely hassle-free and completely supported by our happiness team.

On dot-org you sign up and host your blog with a hosting company and you get complete control over every aspect of your plugins and code, but you also have the responsibility of maintaining it and adding anything new you want to try.

What if you could have the best of both worlds?

Enter Jetpack. Today we’re launching the first version of what’s been a dream of mine for several years now, really since my State of the Word presentation in 2009: a way to provide feature parity between and for everybody.

Our users have been banging down the door for this. Every time we launch something new on the first question is always asking how people can get it for their self-hosted blog. Now you can have your cake and eat it too — host your own blog, completely under your control and with the freedom of the GPL, and still get all the cloud goodies of our hosted service. It’s the best of both worlds, the decentralized and the centralized, the control and the convenience, the peanut butter and the chocolate.

In short, it’s the vision I had for WordPress when I first founded Automattic five years ago finally coming to fruition (and from an amazing team). And we’re thrilled to be joined by great partners as well — BluehostDreamHostGo DaddyHostGatorMedia Temple, and Network Solutions are launch partners. The one-click WordPress installs on all the largest web hosts in the world are now Jetpack-enabled, which means that the vast majority of people experiencing WordPress for the first time will have a seamless Jetpack experience.

For launch we’ve brought eight of the most-requested features into Jetpack as one easy bundle: Hovercards, Stats, After the Deadline, Twitter widget, shortcodes, shortlinks, easy Facebook/Twitter/WordPress sharing buttons (Sharedaddy), and for our fellow math nerds, \LaTeX. We’re excited about this initial set of features, but we’re even more excited for what’s coming down the road.

We hope you join us for the ride. You can download Jetpack immediately, and learn more about the features, from We also encourage you to check out our FAQ page, and if there’s anything you still are wondering drop us a comment below.

(Mozilla Jetpack is a wonderful, but entirely unrelated, open source project run by Mozilla Labs, which, if you know CSS/JavaScript, makes it easier than ever to improve Firefox. We checked with them first and we’re mutually cool on the name.)

Download and get your Jetpack today.

See some additional coverage on TechCrunch, The Next Web, WP Candy.

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  1. jennifer says:

    I am unable to connect jetpack with wordpess. I do not have the c3 cache plugin. For some reason jetpack is not taking my wordpress username. Any suggestions?

    ps:hosting with fatcow


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  3. Fadhly Mhd says:

    Could you please create a Indonesian project for Jetpack 1.1.1 on and make me(Ztutorial) validator? Thanks…


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  8. gabe mott says:

    I have four or five different sites of my own, all wordpress, all hosted on my own servers. Today I was making a site for a friend and installed a staging site with wordpress 3.2 for her. When I saw the option for jetpack, it asked me to login with my own wordpress login, not the one I set up for her. Now I am confused and I am surprised no one else is commenting on this.

    When you ask me to put in my general wordpress login (I have to dig around for this anyway) and don’t tell me the bigger ramifications, I get scared. Is this going to merge data across all my sites? Should I tell my friend she needs to get a wordpress login and use that for her jetpack? I’m only at the staging site for her anyway, so I think I’ll skip it. But your enthusiasm is inectuous so I am a little bummed.


    • Scott Berkun says:

      Hi Gabe:

      The only account you need for Jetpack is a account. It can be any person account – your clients, yours, or you can even create a new one if you like. But we need this in order to authorize use of the services.

      Using the login ID for your own sites won’t work, since your sites are self-hosted, they are not accounts.

      We’d recommend creating a account for your client, and to reuse it for all of her blogs if she wishes to connect Jetpack to them.


  9. secrets2earn says:

    I have always wondered what is the difference between the two .org and .com on wordpress. Now things are much clear. Curiously checking out Jetpack to know how it works.


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  13. If it doesn’t work on self hosted sites, why is wordpress offering it?? Gee, what a waste of time!


  14. Ok, I have 4self hosted sites at the same server. Three of them didn’t work, one did. What happens next?


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  16. I just tried to link our hosted wordpress to jetpack and input our registration details. I immediately lost access to the wordpress control panel and now just get a http 500 error response.
    Our wordpress site is still there, I just can’t edit it any more. Have tried in vain to see what to do next by trawling the wordpress forums. Have found others who have had the same problem but there seems to be no advice available on how to solve this.


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  18. Mehwish Khan says:

    thnxs 🙂 its really nice…. 🙂 thnxs again


  19. Just upgraded to the new version of Jetpack and lost access to the dashboard. I’ve since deleted it via ftp. What’s going on here?


    • Scott Berkun says:

      Sorry you’re having trouble. To help you we need a more specific bug report. Can you tell us:

      1) Exactly what you mean by ‘lost access to dashboard’. Did you take a screenshot?
      2) What were you doing right before this happened? Did the plugin install ok? What was the last thing you clicked before this happened.
      3) What hosting provider are you on?



  20. bentcrayon says:

    I have “sharing” set up for blog through jetpack, yet on my stats page, I see NO “Blog Share Stats”…any ideas??


  21. Rachel Garrett CMT#9672 says:

    I installed and activated the plugin but when I click the connect to it just takes me to my homepage ?


  22. oddsocket says:

    My Host (namesco) blocks access to xmlrpc.php because of an old vulnerability. I can see that there are numerous pleas for them to lift this block floating around online, but since they haven’t I’m guessing my complaint will fall on deaf ears.

    I’ve made the android wordpress app work by renaming the blocked file and updating two other files which point at it. This doesn’t seem to work for jetpack though. I’m guessing that the external server is rigid in requiring xmlrpc.php. I’m hoping that there’s a workaround or a fix in the works, but kind of resigned to the fact that wordpress (and jetpack is becoming more or less a must-have) will not work properly on a host that blocks xmlrpc functionality.

    Changing my host is going to be a hassle. 😦


  23. Judy says:

    Wait… So I have been making a website on my mac so my address is http://localhost blahblah, and I thought this plugin makes my website become part of but when I install Jetpack and start it, it says Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack… I already have a domain I want to use that’s hosted by Bluehost but I don’t know how to move my locally hosted website into Bluehost at once… PLEASE Respond…


    • Tim Moore says:

      Jetpack brings certain features of to self-hosted sites. It doesn’t host sites on its own. The connection to is needed to utilize our servers for certain features, like Stats.

      You’ll want to refer to the Moving WordPress Codex article to move your site from your local machine to Bluehost. Once it is on Bluehost, you’ll be able to connect your Jetpack to account.

      If you have more questions on moving your website from your local machine to Bluehost, there are a number of volunteers who can help you with questions at


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