Jetpack 1.1.1 is here

We’ve been busy since our launch last week studying and following up on every issue reported for 1.1. As you might imagine, there have been problems specific to particular hosting providers and it takes time to carefully diagnose and fix these complex issues. And today, we’re proud and happy to release 1.1.1 for your jetpacking pleasure.

If you’ve had problems with 1.1, we’re sorry about that. And we’re confident 1.1.1 will solve many of your complaints.

Among other minor fixes, 1.1.1 includes:

  • Fixes for many “Your Jetpack has a glitch. Connecting this site with is not possible.” errors.
  • PHP4 compatibility for Stats (ShareDaddy disabled appropriately).
  • Improved error messages.
  • Improve CSS styling.
  • Corrected permalink handling for Stats Server for improved per post permalink calculation.
  • Screen Options and Help links available during Jetpack call to connect.
  • Improved performance of LaTeX URLs using cookieless CDN.

If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t worry, be happy. It’s all good news.

You can download Jetpack 1.1.1 now.

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  1. sushubh says:

    A query for bloggers using Jetpack… Have you faced any issues with jQuery powered apps on your themes?

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  3. Karl Morris says:

    I am an avid fan of new apps for WordPress. I am looking forward to the launch fix of the products in Jet Pack.


  4. Luis Rausseo says:

    I installed Jetpack 1.1 and was’nt having any problems till yesterday.
    Today I installed Jetpack 1.1.1 an d the problem is there again:

    No se pudo utilizar la función fopen() para jetpack.register/1/.

    I am not having my statistics

  5. Jonathan says:

    PLEASE update ShareDaddy so that we can pick where to put the sharing buttons. Right now it is only possible to show it after the post, and a lot of people – myself included – would rather have it after the post title, before the content, or anywhere else near the top rather than at the bottom, particularly if our posts are longer.

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Jonathan: We’ll keep this in mind for future updates of ShareDaddy.

    • Matt says:

      How are people supposed to know if they like your post or not if they haven’t read it yet? 🙂

      • Jonathan says:

        Great point Matt, but the reality is that most people only skim things online rather than reading – a sad state of affairs, but a whole different subject – and most people “like” things and want to share it after just skimming it a bit. If you have a longish post, these buttons tend to be ignored.

  6. Ben Cook says:

    Do you guys plan on adding disclosure of the 3rd party tracking code included in this plugin to any future releases??

    • Valentinas says:

      Could you elaborate? For example filename#line_number? 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Jetpack stats by their nature are a third-party tracking code, and the entire thing is covered by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We’ve been using Quantcast to get some additional information on uniques that it’s hard for us to calculate, and we’ll probably add a note about that to the next release just to be transparent even though it’s covered by our privacy policy already.

  7. Ramoonus says:

    Are there plans to integrate publicize?

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Ramoonus: We’re investigating adding many features to Jetpack, including Publicize, but can’t say more than that at this point.

  8. Selena says:

    How about adding a subscribe here button to JetPack? And by the way, LOVE jetpack. It’s made my new transition to so much easier!

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Selena: We’d like to bring many features into Jetpack, and we will consider subscriptions at some point. Glad you love Jetpack and happy to know your transition was smooth.

      • Agreed. A Mailing List/Newsletter Subscribe feature would be AWESOME! Please, oh, please, tell us the new features Jetpack may include. 😉 Hah, Publicize would be great too. I LOVE JETPACK. How can I get involved? Can I?

  9. ix says:

    I will be uninstalling WP-stats, and will not be touching this Jetpack with a 10 mile pole.

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Where do you buy your ten mile poles? I’m paying quite a premium for my nine mile poles, but perhaps ten mile ones are a better deal.

      Jokes aside, I’m sorry you’re not happy with your Jetpack experience. If you report a specific issue to, we’d be happy to try and help sort it out. But there’s not much I can do with your comment alone.

  10. tiflosourtis says:

    Is there any way to add a widget on sidebar that shows the blog’s hits (Stats)?
    Like the one on…
    Thanks and congrats for the good job!

  11. GazOutEast says:

    Out of all the plugins and services rolled into JetPack, I only use wp-stats.

    Is there any plan to fix the non-performance of the stand-alone wp-stats plugin, which broke as soon as JetPack was released (and remains broken causing hosting-server load with failed calls to the stats server), and to maintain wp-stats as a stand-alone package in the future?

    I have neither need, nor want, of all the other elements in JetPack, and to force it onto my sites is to have redundant bloatware sitting unused, which is a situation WordPress has always advised against for security reasons.

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Sorry you’re having trouble with wp-stats. Without knowing your host and the specific issues you’re seeing we can’t help you much (You should report your issues through Jetpack support at

      The best way forward is to use stats through Jetpack, as that’s how the latest versions of stats will be delivered.

      • GazOutEast says:

        3 different hosts on 3 different continents – 2 are standard LAMP + cPanel and a mix of standalone WP3.1 and multisite 3.1 also a LAMP cloud with Plesk and a LAMP VPS on a cloud with Plesk – again both single and multisite 3.1

        Now here’s the funny bit (not haha but funny strange) – the sites on those 4 that are still 3.0.x are running wp-stats without any problem, but those upgraded to 3.1 are returning user is not authorised to view the stats. On dashboard the same results – 3.0.x are fine with wp-stats, 3.1 are not.

        They all use the same username and API key, wp-stats broke as soon as the 3.0.x to 3.1 wordpress upgrade was done – looks to me like the username and API key fields in the database could have been renamed or something equally silly. If it is still working under WP 3.0.x then it should still be working under 3.1 and there’s either a code change (bug) in 3.1, or something was not bi-directed at the API server.

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  13. Mistah Write says:

    I am having good success with the new update. THANK YOU

  14. tim says:

    love the april fool’s addition to my site stats. imagine my surprise when I checked my visitor count this morning!

  15. Jef says:

    I’m actually finding the April Fools “joke” exceedingly annoying as I am actually watching my stats today due to a media piece. It is also annoying in that the stats have been stupendously flaky since the launch of Jetpack, so I saw no humor, I simply assumed they were broke again. FAIL.

  16. Sandy says:

    I was looking for a social networking plugin, and found this, complete with the Twitter widget – excellent. Not sure I need the maths plugin, but my spelling could use a hand.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Camilla says:

    Thank you for an awesome plugin. Today it seems to be some problems with the stats. Usually I have 8000-10000 readers. But today its down to 7 and its been frzen since yesterday. Is there a problem with the site stats today ?

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Camilla: It was likely an intermittent problem with stats. If the problem continues let us know.

  18. ZoiX says:

    Hi there! Nice plugin, but I have a problem :/
    JetPack disables all my jQuery scripts: tabs, slider, scrolls, slides. I’m using jQuery 1.7.1, the same that is using JetPack.

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