New update: Jetpack 1.1.3

Greetings Jetpack users. Apologies that its been so long since our last update, but most of the issues we’ve discovered the last weeks were minor. Here they are all together in the latest bug fix release: Jetpack 1.1.3.  And yes, bigger releases with more features are in the works, but it would break 1.1.3’s little heart to use its announcement post to talk about future releases.

In addition to fixing a few minor bugs, Jetpack 1.1.3 includes 14 new translations! Many thanks to all our translators.

Jetpack 1.1.3 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Increased compatibility with WordPress 3.2.
  • Increased compatibility with Admin Bar.
  • Stats: Improved performance when creating new posts.
  • Fix: Twitter Widget: Fix PHP Notice.
  • Fix: Sharedaddy: Fix PHP Warning.
  • AtD: Add proofread button to Distraction Free Writing screen.
  • Translations: Added: Bosnian, Danish, German, Finnish, Galician, Croatian, Indonesian,  Macedonian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish
  • Translations: Updated: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese

To update Jetpack: go to Dashboard->Updates. If Jetpack isn’t listed, click the Check Again button (it may take a few minutes for Jetpack 1.1.3 to appear).

Or manually download the latest version here. For Support, go here.

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  1. tricil says:

    Still no follow button?

  2. S says:

    do not tell me you have not added the google +1 button!

    • Scott Berkun says:

      Ok – I will not tell you that we have not added the google +1 button 🙂

      (But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true)

      • MegaZone says:

        I hope the Google +1 button is included in one of those larger releases with more features that you didn’t talk about. I’ve patched Sharedaddy in 1.1.2 to add it, so I have to decide if 1.1.3 is worth upgrading to and re-patching. From the description in the post, probably not.

      • Scott Berkun says:

        Hi Mega:

        Google +1 is already available on, so we’re on it. When we do release an update to sharedaddy, it’s likely to be included. But I don’t want to hurt 1.1.3’s feelings, so I’ll leave it at that.


  3. aleSub says:

    Excellent! Updating right now 🙂

    Thanks for such a great plugin!

  4. RedDan says:

    When do we get the comments system that is now on

    • Scott Berkun says:

      RedDan: When would you like it?

      • RedDan says:

        Now 😀

      • Jorge says:


      • michael says:

        Is this really a planned feature?

      • novakpeter says:

        Now! Me too!:-)

      • Yes, ASAP!!! Want this commenting feature now! Disqus and IntenseDebate just won’t cut it, and’s current commenting system is slow and clunky. Let’s AJAX and socialize it up! I love this new comment system. Loads better (and prettier).

      • P.S…..can it also include the subscription options? (Notify me of follow-up comments… Notify me of new posts…)

      • Daniel says:

        Indeed! I’m visiting this site every day just to check if this feature has been released, or any info regarding it.

      • Spencer says:

        I agree with the others. I check back here constantly for the commenting and subscription features. Right now I’ve got a frankenstein mashup of plugins and workarounds to do things for myself and it would be so much nicer if it was all just under one hub.

      • Daniel says:

        “When would you like it?”

        I’m beginning to think this comment is very arrogant.

      • Scott Berkun says:

        Hi Jetpack users. I appreciate how passionate you folks are about the commenting system. As mentioned, we intend to eventually make it available through Jetpack. But for good reason, we have never announced a specific date. Apologies if my joking around suggested otherwise.

        We are continuing to experiment with comments design and related features on, and as much as we realize you want it immediately, we see ways to improve it before that happens. We also have the not so small task of continuing to develop many other features on, and if it seems Jetpack releases are slow, it’s not because we’re napping all day or trying to torture you. Simply put, there are many requests and many features my team is responsible for, and we’re trying to keep it all in balance, a fact I hope you can accept for a free plugin, for use on a free blogging platform.

        We do take in, and consider feedback on Jetpack every day, including from this forum and others. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

      • Daniel says:

        I appreciate the update, Scott. I know you’re doing a great job and it’s hard work. But this function still is really crucial, and one of the biggest updates (at least of the interface) of the .com-blogs. I think it should be put higher on the priority list, if it hasn’t already. As should more frequent updates on this site. =)

        And for the record, I for one would be willing to pay (a small sum, perhaps $20) for this function. So money is not an issue (but it probably is for some people). The only problem is that this comment function simply isn’t available at all for self-hosted blogs. I really need people to be able to login from facebook and twitter. And no other plugins can handle this well.

      • MegaZone says:

        I’d take a serious look at Disqus. It gets you a lot of the same features, and it is used by a number of major (and minor) blogs, so there is a good chance users are already familiar with it. I switched over a few months ago and it has been great. At this point even if they do update commenting in Jetpack, I don’t see a reason to switch back.

        I would like to see Google +1 properly integrated, and the ability to have *both* ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ Facebook options – not one or the other. Maybe a ‘smart’ Facebook button that offers the user the choice when moused over.

      • Scott Berkun says:

        Here at we recommend – it’s the only commenting plugin fully supported by us. It’s free and easy to use – definitely give it a try if you want something more powerful.

    • TechnoFlirt says:

      ya, i am also waiting for the new comments system to be available for self-hosted wordpress blogs.

  5. Milan Dinić says:

    To do: add missing textdomain 😉

  6. Thekoolman3 says:

    Hello! I updated Jetpack, and on my dashboard when I look at stats, this is what I see


  7. I have wordpress installed on a subdomain and whenever I try to get JetPack to “connect to” in my dashboard it automatically directs me back to my site and not to wordpress to register. Suggestions?

  8. jronaldlee says:

    After wracking my brains (and looking for help a long time) to hack a Google+ button on my site, I am not willing to upgrade… I hope it comes soon!

  9. jtprattmedia says:

    how about making flickr shortcodes actually work for “flickr” and not just “flickr video”. Who the heck uses flickr for video anyway – most people use flickr for pictures…

  10. Hey Scott,

    I too face the same problem as Thekoolman3. Its been like that for some time – The stats preview in wordpress dashboard doesn’t work most of the time. Also When you click on the stats bar for a particular day, you go to the stats details on that day, but even this doesn’t work sometimes.

  11. rhodri80 says:

    Why no new comment system for no- wordpress hosting???! I am very sad.

  12. MegaZone says:


    While I’m lobbing requests your way, it would be nice to be able to show *both* the FB Like *and* FB Share buttons and not have to choice either/or. I really like being able to give people the ability to easily share the content, I think that’s valuable, but a lot of people just like to hit the ‘Like’ button and move on. Options are good.

  13. jtprattmedia says:

    Let a comment the other day – don’t know why they aren’t publishing. I would like to see flickr shortcodes actually work for images – not just for flickr video.

  14. Gidon says:

    When I click on the green “Connect to” , it goes to my site. What gives???

  15. cthue says:

    we need G +1, Multi platform login for comments, and follow button.

  16. mlmiller49 says:

    What is jetpack and how did it get on my computer?

  17. Hi, I translated this plugin to persian language (fa_IR). hoow i can send it to you?

  18. Daniel says:

    Thanks for a great plugin! I really hope you will add the new comment system (which I’m commenting via right now) very soon, it is EPIC and will improve my site millions.

    Thanks. 🙂

  19. cjx says:

    Hi all
    i am waiting for the new comment system and what i like to know is will be there a login widget as i see here wp, facebook and twitter login buttons(like gigya)? It will be great if its possible to add to the frontpage. Please note as a feature request.
    Thank you

  20. Hey Guys.. how can I add google+1 button to sharedaddy?

    Google give me this code script.

    (function() {
    var po = document.createElement(‘script’); po.type = ‘text/javascript’; po.async = true;
    po.src = ‘’;
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);

    But i don’t know how add it!!

    Please help!

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  22. Mr Parrot says:

    Like quite a few others, I would love to see the Highlander comments system in Jetpack.

  23. Public enemy says:

    After installing Jetpack I’m experiencing same problem that Thekoolman3 and Destination Infinity have described here, blank “Site Stats” widget in the Dashboard most of the times with a WordPress 3.2.1, Jetpack 1.1.3 hosted in a VPS. I didn´t have any problem before with the WP-stats plugin.

    I already have sent a support request more than 24 hours ago and I’m still waiting for a reply. I also have seen others complaining about this issue in the Jetpack forum and WP-stats forum but nobody gives a workaround or a fix to this. Please, let us know what could be causing this or I would have to return to the old but efficient wp-stats plugin.

  24. Daniel says:

    Any news on the comment function? 😦

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  26. When will you add Google+ and the new comment system?

  27. Daniel says:

    A month later: Any news on the comment function? 🙂

  28. C’mon where’s the comment functionality???? This is taking way too long.

  29. Ujwal Thapa says:

    Would appreciate if we can get Facebook send, Google + in the next updates.. when would we see a next update ? Thank you for making the plugin.

  30. isaak wells says:

    Hello, I am one of those many who would love to have the new comment system. I would love to know if it’s going to be released on Jetpack and here is a couple reasons why I would like it.

    1. Worpdress has honestly given me a very special place in my life. I’ve wanted a website for as long as there was internet and you guys here are honestly the best thing that’s happened to the internet since bill gates. I would like it to be included because you are great with listening to your audience.

    2. I only trust the default wordpress comment system Intensedebate, Disqus and others are good but i would rather have this function because I would honestly feel safer with it.

    If you could let the people know what the future plans of this new comment system are, I can finally take a breath and relax until it’s out.


  31. Daniel says:

    Over three months without an update or even a comment now. I don’t want to get a free just to get the commentfunction. :/

  32. Jetpack are doing a good job of acting like a big corporation: ignoring their user base and showing contempt for requests. Pfffft. Goodwork “jetpack”.

  33. seon777 says:

    Jetpack не смог связаться с register_http_request_failed. Обычно это означает, что что-то неправильно настроено на вашем веб-хостинге. Не удалось открыть дескриптор для fopen() к

    How I can resolve it ?

  34. Is there any word on about this comment thingy? Love to have that feature in a project of mine.

  35. Bram. says:

    I really love this plugin. I was only wondering if the publicize feature of is included in the next update.. If not pleas do so! I have a blog with more then one user and it is a pain in the ass to share our posts on twitter and Facebook without spamming ALL of the posts instead of just the posts the author written. I hope the new update won’t take to long but bring it when it’s finished!

    Some feedback would be nice though.

  36. Sylwia says:

    Comment system, Google+, new carousel…

    Any news?

  37. Ferd Crotte says:

    As mentioned by others,
    1. The Google+1 button does not show on my site. Still some bugs with the integration on self-hosted WP3.3.
    2. Would also like a facebook “Like” option in addition to the “Share.”
    And finally,
    3. I greatly appreciate the fine job on Jetpack. I have done away with a number of other plugins I used.

Coming Soon to Jetpack

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