Jetpack 1.3 Released: Contact Forms

Jetpack 1.3 is here and adds a new feature: Contact Forms. If you’ve used’s Contact Forms or Grunion Contact Form, Jetpack’s new feature should look familiar.

To create a contact form, click the contact form icon above the post editor.

A popup will appear allowing you to add, edit, and reorder the fields you want in the contact form.

You can also customize the email address to which the contact form sends. Check out the gallery below for more details.

In the end, you’ll have an Akismet anti-spam protected[1] contact form on whatever WordPress post or page you want.

In addition to receiving an email for each contact form response, all responses will be listed in the Feedbacks section of your WordPress Admin.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also fixed a couple small bugs. This release:

  • Improves YouTube embed handling and improves support for URLs and
  • Correctly loads Sharing admin styles on all server/WordPress configurations.

You should see the update available in your WordPress dashboard shortly. Alternatively, you can always download the latest version of Jetpack here at as well.

Remember to contact support if you need help.

On the Horizon

In no particular order, here are a few of the things we’re adding or improving in Jetpack:

  • The commenting features currently available on,
  • Increased customizability of the Subscription feature’s emails, and
  • A better Jetpack management interface.

While we’re excited to get all these updates, and more, out to your sites, we don’t have any estimates on when any of these will be included in Jetpack.

1: Assuming you have the Akismet plugin installed. You do, right?

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  1. Thanks for the update, and the confirmation that you’re at least working on the

    BUT… And I’m sorry if I’m being harsh here… I can’t help but think that it’s a bit arrogant towards your users and fans to release a whole different feature like this, when most users have been asking for the comment function for months and months. It’s like not listening to your users at all. I’m sure there’s a good reason for not releasing it yet, but after this much time it feels as you’re not working on it.

    So please release the as your next feature. For 1.4 or so.


    • mdawaffe says:

      Feel free to be harsh: we’ll listen regardless, just as we’ve been listening to all our users from day one.

      We understand your frustration and appreciate your input. We are, and have been, working hard to get features people will love out the door as soon as possible.


  2. bob cobb says:

    one suggestion I’d have, if this isn’t in the work already, is to make a premium version of this that costs money. Give more customizations and options and features for a fee every year or whatever. You could make it free, I’m just saying its something I would pay for. I look forward to more new updates though 🙂


  3. bungeshea says:

    So does this mean that if I have both Grunion Contact Form and Jetpack installed, I should uninstall Grunion Contact Form?


    • Tim Moore says:

      Jetpack should deactivate Grunion Contact Form when it upgrades to 1.3 so that there aren’t any conflicts. You should only need one or the other.


  4. Little Spark says:

    Awesome addition to your Jetpack line up! Thanks so much for this.


  5. petetasker says:

    How’s about access to the JSON api that was just released on Really looking forward to that one!!


  6. Jet Pack is one of My Favorite Plugin and i am gad to hear the new feature of JETPACK and surely i will try it out ..


  7. Jauhari says:

    How To Styling this Contact Form? Any Guide how to do it?


  8. Dave Zatz says:

    Contact forms are jacked up. I have two email addresses to use and the form constructs its code to use one as an email address and the other as the subject line. Let me know if I can help test any sort of fix.


    • Dave Zatz says:

      Nevermind – user error. A combination of my old Grunion code in place and putting a second email in the subject field. Deleted old code, put a semicolon between email addresses.


  9. bob cobb says:

    ugh here’s a feature request I just found about that should be fixed. Get rid of the affiliate link blocking on the newsletter function. I’m running jetpack through my own site, this shouldn’t be blocked as some of the content on my site has affiliate links. I dont want to have to setup every link as a redirect to avoid this either


  10. sdcoates says:

    I love this new feature but am having problems. My website has a black background, and while the contact form adjusts for that, it’s not adjusting the text on the submit button. I can’t even read the text. I think it’s yellow on white. Is there a place I can adjust that.


  11. Gaspar says:


    First of all, I apologize for my poor english! And then I congratulate you for your work!

    I’ve seen that 6 months ago you announced that Jetpack will include the new photo carousel. I’d like to know if you still want to include it and -approximately- when (I don’t like the other “similar” plugins…).

    Thank you!


    • Tim Moore says:

      We’re always looking at bringing new features to Jetpack. Carousel may eventually be one of them; I can’t speak to any form of ETA, though.


      • Tom Martin says:

        I noticed another blogs excellent gallery and started investigating. Figured out it was jetPack carousel.
        Then figured out it is unavailable to me since I’m building a self hosted site. Gah.
        Carousel is exactly what I want.
        I’ve looked at several other WP galleries and they are just not good enough 😦


      • mdawaffe says:

        We’re working on including’s Carousel feature in Jetpack right now, actually. But as Tim mentioned, I don’t have an ETA.


      • Dustin says:

        I just wanted to “+1” this comment, I am excited to use Carousel once it’s launched with JetPack (even ready to donate $) to support the cause as I appreciate all the work done for the feature.

        I have tried many gallery plug-ins but haven’t found one near as clean yet, anyone know of one?


      • work2ride says:

        I just wanted to “+1” the launch of Carousel to Jetpack. I love all the JetPack features after being a user first before starting my own self-hosting; heck I would be willing to hit the donate button for the great features of Jetpack.

        I have tried several plug-ins but nothing to the quality I have found as the Carousel, if anyone knows of a decent one please let me know?


  12. qiyewiki says:

    How to add contact form to the template?And how to set a popup contact form that it appears when click a button like “contact us”.


  13. Akascha says:

    Thank you for this great addon – I just love it. Could you please add Pinterest to the sharing options? That would be awesome.


  14. Marco Gomes says:

    How do I translate the UI feedbacks (message sent, etc)?


  15. Darksyntax says:

    well I tried the contact form. I would suggest adding phone validation to a text box.


  16. I think what you are doing with Jetpack is right on the money. The only thing missing from Forms, from my point of view, is a parameter which when set allows the form to open in a modal window. Often times you don’t want to take the user away from the page their on to another to fill out a form, and a modal window can often fulfill that need.


  17. Roman says:

    The contact form is a really helpful and advanced feature and much better and more beautiful than other contact form plugins!


  18. Is it possible to customize the contact form submit button? I don\’t think custom css is available for a blog is it? I\’d like to use my own button design, rather than the plain jane submit button. Is this possible? I can\’t seem to find the css responsible for the submit button in the contact form in jetpack.


    • Beau Lebens says:

      Yes, you’d just use CSS the same as you would to style anything else on a page. We now include a Custom CSS module in Jetpack, so you could use that if you like. The class applied to buttons is “.pushbutton-wide”.


      • Oh… cool…I didn’t see it, but now that you point it out.. there it is! Thanks a ton.


      • Oops… I seem to have spoken too soon… I can’t seem to replace the standard button with just my css… I tried it it doesn’t seem to work… would I just add my css to the CUSTOM CSS plugin editor? Is there anything else I need to edit?


  19. Shasha says:

    Nice Feature..Is it possible to add captcha ?


  20. ravinder1 says:

    how much option i can add with this contect form , i have 35 questions nd radio button options


  21. Tyler says:

    Current useless to me. My host filters any email not from my @domain-name soooo this contact form sends me nothing. Until I can specify the from address this plugin is worthless.


    • Tim Moore says:

      When you are on the “Add a custom form” screen, building a contact form, there should be an “Email Notifications” tab at the top of the window. In this tab you can change where the contact form sends the email notifications.

      If you are still having trouble, please send a more detailed explanation of what is happening to and we’ll help get things sorted.


  22. Is there a way of outputting all the data to a csv file?


    • Tim Moore says:

      The feedbacks from the Contact Forms module are a Custom Post Type, so you should be able to use the Export tool that is built-in to WordPress to download them if you wish.


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