Jetpack 1.7: Custom CSS

The updates just keep on rolling in—Custom CSS has just landed in Jetpack! You now have the ability to add to or replace your theme’s CSS right from your blog dashboard, no child theme required.

To use the CSS editor, first make sure the Custom CSS panel is activated on your main Jetpack page and go to Appearance → Edit CSS. You’ll find the editing interface is fueled up with features like syntax coloring, auto-indentation, and immediate feedback on the validity of the CSS you’re writing. Revisions are saved in case you make a mistake, and invalid CSS is removed on save.

In addition, we’re always working to improve the existing features in Jetpack.  Jetpack Comments got a nice UI improvement in this release: when you submit a comment, there’s no more annoying fullpage load on  Everything stays on your site 🙂  Also, if you’re using the pretty (a.k.a. not “official”) sharing buttons, we’ve added share counts to the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn buttons.

Last but not least, no release is complete without bug fixes.  We fixed a bunch of bugs in the Sharing, Contact Form, Subscriptions, Carousel, and other features.  For a more complete list of bug fixes, see the changelog.

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  1. Monkey! says:

    Just FYI – I’ve been loving the jetpack updates. Keep them coming!


  2. This is great! This basically removes the need to tinker with the default style.css file in your theme, which can be erased each time the theme is upgraded, and it also makes it so that it is ok if the developer of your theme didn’t include a section for custom css. Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the good work.


  3. Jeremy says:

    Reblogged this on Jeremy Herve and commented:
    Jetpack 1.7 is out!


  4. Nice, i was looking forward to the sharing counts feature. Keep up the good work, regards.


  5. I bleeping LOVE YOU for this change in the Jetpack comments. Everything is smooth as silk, cool as air now. ^^

    The only thing is that I would like to edit the “submitting comment” part so I can translate it to Swedish. Any way of doing that?


  6. ecabral says:

    Congrats! These two are a huge improvement!

    Enhancement: Comments: Submit the comment within the iframe. No more full page load to
    Enhancement: Sharing: Share counts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


    Enhancement: Sharing: Add support for ReCaptcha > Looking forward to seeing ReCaptcha supported for comments too.


  7. Nice addition Sheri! I’m curious, does the custom CSS get added inline to each page, or does it create a dynamic include? Guess I’ll go play with it and find out. Thanks much!


    • Tim Moore says:

      Custom CSS adds its own tag to the header of your site, if you have the “Add my CSS to My_Theme’s CSS stylesheet” option checked. If you have the “Don’t use My_Theme’s CSS, and replace everything with my own CSS.” checked, Custom CSS removes the theme’s CSS file and only uses its own file.


      • sterlingokura says:

        Thanks for info Tim. I just tried it and love how it links to a cached stylesheet rather than adding it inline on each page and cluttering up HTML like many of the commercial themes I use do.


  8. fallenAngel says:

    I run two blogs on and have been using WordPress package as base for my own website which runs on linuX. Jetpack is brilliant, it contains exactly the additional features I need for this and enables me to concentrate on content not on coding. Stability and quality of Jetpack is as good as the WordPress core itself, which I dont need to change (a lot) anymore. Thanks.


  9. Nice guys! Keep it up


  10. Jetpack comments still don’t show up, whereas the native comments or Disqus do. Would appreciate a fix other than editing my theme. Thanks!


    • Matt says:

      Let us know your theme, if it’s a publicly available one maybe we can help the author (and you) update it to use the proper template tags for comments.


      • It’s Illacrimo and hasn’t been updated in probably 5 years. I suppose my options are to migrate to a newer theme or figure out what hooks I’d need to get in here to use Jetpack comments. Thanks.


  11. Rg Enzon says:

    Thank you for this update. Now I don’t have to update my theme’s default.css. Custom CSS is a very important and useful feature. Thank you for this release again!


  12. Frank Martin says:

    I checked the ‘changelog’ and found that a new set of translation was added: Bosnian, Danish, German, Finnish, Galician, Croatian, Indonesian, Macedonian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish. Also, I found that the following translations were updated: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese. Please, I would like to know whether WordPress uses robot or automated translation to carry out these changes or whether WordPress works with paid or with volunteers to take care of each language pair.


  13. JimsGotWeb says:

    Are you planning on an update to be able to send excerpts in emails to subscribers instead of the complete post?


  14. Hmm, replying doesn’t seem to work for me. It works without jetpack comments, but not with it. I use the Atahualpa theme (


  15. Astrid says:

    Jetpack Contact Form stopped displaying my forms after latest update of jetpack. I have narrowed it down to a fight with the Next Scripts Social Networks Auto-Poster, however when I look in tools, I don’t get a specific error. Can you tell me what the fix is? I have auto poster disabled right now as I am running ads and I need the forms to show. But I also need to autpost to all my social media when I next post on the blog.


    • Tim Moore says:

      The Next Scripts Social Networks Auto-Poster doesn’t follow the WordPress Coding Standards and results in these issues. There are a number of cases in that plugin where scripts (ex. jQuery) are added directly to the page, rather than being enqueued using proper WordPress functions. This results in clashes with other plugins (like Jetpack) that try to use the same script.


  16. Laci Beres says:

    Hi. Unfortunately it’s not working for me and I can not figure out why…It works through Firebug (I can change the Jetpack commets textarea background color for example), but nothing happens as I apply the same modifications in the WP Dashboard’s Custom CSS. Any ideas? I really would like to make it work 🙂


  17. Richard says:

    This might be a silly / trivial / obvious question (but I’m not a WP developer, so …):

    How does the new CSS editor differ from using a mystyle.css file (which I’ve used to customize my theme).

    Is mystyle.css not a standard include file? Is it simply a convention that a number of theme developer’s use?


  18. Hmm, since I upgraded to Jetpack comments, ALL Akismet-spam is gone. Before I had like 50 spam comments a day which I had the possibility to manually remove. Now there’s none. Zero. Where have they gone?

    Also, it seems like 50% of all valid comments are placed in the spam folder. I have to manually mark them as non-spam and then approve them. This also happened after upgrading to Jetpack comments.

    Any thoughts?


  19. Jetpack comments are really great, but I still don’t use them because the title has “Arial” as front-size. Is there any way you’ll make this more customizeable in the future?


  20. Sterlin Okura says:

    I noticed that when I commented out some of my custom CSS lines to temporary disable, it completely removed those lines. Would be nice if Jetpack custom CSS could support comments in it like I can with an external CSS include file. 🙂


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