Jetpack 2.0: Publicize to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr; Post by Email; Photon; Infinite Scroll

The past nine releases of Jetpack have started to reveal our vision for next-generation features that will boost WordPress’ incredible success by making it more social, more connected, more mobile, and more customizable.

Over three million downloads later, we’re excited to report that the community has embraced this seemingly impossible vision for combining the best of hosted and non-hosted WordPress. This tenth release brings some of the most-asked-for features into the hands of millions of Jetpackers.

Publicize to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr…

You no longer have to jump through hoops and developer portals to connect your blog to your friends on your favorite social networks. Through Jetpack and your account, you can connect to each network with just a few clicks and broadcast to your audiences and followers across several networks, making WordPress your true digital hub. Activate Publicize from the main Jetpack page in your dashboard, then go to Settings → Sharing to add social sharing connections.

Post by Email

If you live in Gmail, Outlook, your BlackBerry, or just find it easiest to email on the go, you’ll love the new Post by Email feature. Email anything to your secret address — a photo, a video, a bunch of photos, an audio file, ten pages of single-spaced text — and we’ll figure out how to make it beautiful and put it on your blog literally within seconds after you send it. Combined with Publicize and the previously-released Subscriptions module, that post will go out to all your friends including ones that subscribe via email, completing the loop of email / blog nirvana. To set up your special address go to Users → Your Profile in your dashboard and click the “Enable Post By Email” button.

Photon Your Images

Have you ever switched themes to find that full-width images break out of the layout and no longer fit your theme? Are you frustrated that images on your blog take too long to load? Jetpack Photon fixes all of that by making the advanced image acceleration and image editing service from available to the broader WordPress community, essentially making every image a fully dynamic object that themes and plugins can transform to their heart’s content without killing your server. In fact, if you enable Photon, you will see your CPU and bandwidth usage plummet as images are served through the global cloud, meaning less load on your host and faster images for your users.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll brings the future of reading on the web to your website. Speed and performance are key, and Infinite Scroll loads new content quickly without a full-page refresh. Instead of the old way of navigating down a page — by scrolling and then clicking a link to get to the next page and waiting for the page to refresh — infinite scrolling pulls the next set of posts into view automatically when the reader approaches the bottom of the page. Your theme needs support for this to work. There are already several themes in the directory with Jetpack Infinite Scroll support and theme authors will find documentation for adding it to any theme on


Jetpack 2.0 isn’t just about shiny new things, we’ve also fixed dozens of bugs and under-the-hood things to keep Jetpack one of the smoothest running, most secure, and most stable plugins out there.

I want to personally thank all of the members of the Jetpack community who have shared countless hours of testing, feedback, and criticism. Your thoughts and passion have made the plugin immeasurably better than it would have been otherwise, and rest assured we’re still listening closely to your feedback around better stats, module activation and deactivation, developer mode, translation, and documentation.

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  1. Scott Berkun says:

    Pure awesome.

  2. Reblogged this on Raanan Bar-Cohen and commented:
    This is a huge milestone for the Jetpack project – which is becoming a must-have WordPress plugin. Really excited to see this out in the wild.

  3. scorpio2k2 says:


    for now is not appear to updates available?
    I can;t update from my wordpress installation

    • From the updates screen there should be a button to check for updates if the release still is not showing up. If you don’t see it soon, please let us know again.

  4. Waqas Ali says:

    Thanks for the updates Matt, I love my blog more since it was Jet Packed!

    As a publisher, there is one feature we badly need. Is it possible for blog subscribers to get daily dose of all posts published on our blog. We publish 3-4 posts a day, so notifying subscribers about every news post is not something we would consider. Or weekly may be?

  5. Reblogged this on 12-inch pianist and commented:
    More fine work form my WordPress amigos–it’s like strapping *two* jetpacks to your blog!

  6. Reblogged this on Jonathan Desrosiers and commented:
    Loving the rapid releases from Jetpack.

  7. shalom says:

    Juicy sweetness!

  8. Done it again Matt
    Love the sharing to social bookmark sites.I hope you will be adding more social sites in future

  9. Is publicize the same as the MailChimp Social plugin?

    • They are similar in regards to the posting feature. MailChimp social only allows you to connect to Twitter & Facebook, while Jetpack Publicize allows you to connect to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

  10. Erick says:

    Reblogged this on ethitter on and commented:

    Psyched for all of the great new features this brings to my self-hosted sites!

  11. Matt Thomas says:

    Reblogged this on Matt Thomas and commented:
    I guess I’m biased, but it amazes me how many of the benefits of using we’ve been able to pack into Jetpack 2. I think it’s become a must-have for every WordPress blogger (but don’t take my word for it!)

  12. scorpio2k2 says:

    How can I add multiple facebook connections? Or I can’t ?:(

    • If you would like to connect another Facebook account, you will need to log out of Facebook before adding the connection. You cannot make two connections to the same Facebook user account.

  13. Albert Albs says:

    Thank you very much for the Photon Image acceleration feature. And I waiting for Google+ Login for comments and Publicize to Google+ Profile and Page feature in Jetpack.

  14. MK says:

    Reblogged this on Mikelberry and commented:

    Photon is hands-down the coolest addition. Having transferred a couple hundred sites to self-hosted installs of WordPress, one of the most noticeable differences is just how long it takes for images to load on self-hosted sites. Photon fixes that… give it a try and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  15. “shared countless hours of testing, feedback, and criticism. ”

    It’s all good.

    Best free plugin for WordPress which only gets better with every new update.

    Would love to add my MailChimp and Aweber subscribers but or at least integrate the subscribe feature with a themes existing subscribe widget.

  16. Stu West says:

    Reblogged this on

  17. How or does Photon work for already published images and posts?

  18. Are there any filters to adjust what text gets posted? I would like to include categories as hash tags in my tweets.

  19. sushubh says:

    Awesome update. One thing about Photon. It is resizing the image to fit the blog post’s width. I resize larger images using CSS which I admit is a bad practice. Enabling photon ignores that setting crops the larger image and loads that in the blog post. I assume this is by design?

    • Erick says:

      Photon will resize an image if it is larger than the post’s width. Otherwise, it will read the width and height attributes from the image tag and use those. If those attributes are missing, Photon simply serves the full-size image from our CDN. For this release, it doesn’t take into account any inline styles that specific width and height.

      • sushubh says:

        Thanks. I wonder if resizing would happen on smartphones (in all cases) because of the smaller display. Would keep an eye on future updates that might take CSS properties into account. Cool update nonetheless!

  20. Reblogged this on All About Shaun and commented:

    The new Jetpack is very nice. If you use WordPress, I highly recommend it.

    Also, Photon is a big deal.

  21. Dave Mackey says:

    I think it may be appropriate for me to start dancing and hugging…This is awesome. Can we get the Reblog functionality for self-hosted WordPress sites? I’d like to have my account more directly linked to my self-hosted site…so that folks would see if I reblog, like, or follow something, that it is me (my persona) from my site rather than

  22. Infinite scroll is the devil. But it’ll be optional! In general, I love Jetpack. What I’d love to see is an easier way to make it available to commercial sites (ie. no account, which was required last time I checked).

    • Beau Lebens says:

      A account is required because a lot of the functionality depends on an authenticated connection to servers. That’s something that’s probably not going to change.

      If you’re developing sites for others, you can either connect multiple sites to one account, or it’s a very simple process to create a user-only account just for the connection.

  23. I love the idea about infinite scrolling. I do wonder how it will affect pageviews and ad income for those of us who rely on that. Anyone seen any case studies or anything done on this?

  24. Sara Rosso says:

    Reblogged this on VIP and commented:
    Jetpack 2.0 is here! So many great features come to WordPress sites wherever they are hosted!

  25. Jeremy says:

    Sweet – trying it now.

  26. Good update but … 

    Why isn’t an option to deactivate Infinite Scroll?

    Not everybody loves that feature, and in some instances is really annoying


  27. wpbeginner says:

    Great to see the Infinite Scrolling feature make it in. Will have to give it a try 🙂

  28. Reblogged this on Paolo Belcastro and commented:
    Photon, Publicize, Post by Email… the last Jetpack release is just awesome.

  29. David Maillard says:


  30. Wonderful — love the new Publicize option; it will save time. I need to add Jetpack to more of my sites.

  31. Can this plugin be network-activated on a self-hosted Multisite blog without each individual blogger needing a account? That’s what’s stopped me from rolling this out in the past.

    • Sheri says:

      Each site in a Multisite setup must be connected individually. Any admin for that site can forge the connection. It does not have to be a different local user or a different user for each site.

  32. poxtron says:

    Hi, how can I make Publicize work with custom post types ?

    • Sheri says:

      Publicize has not been set up to work with custom post types, and we don’t have any current plans to add that—we will consider adding it in the future though. Thanks for the question.

  33. Egill says:

    Reblogged this on Egill and commented:

    Massive release just out, specially love the new photon feature. Check it out!

  34. jezweb says:

    Will using the Photon plugin affect Google Image SEO in any negative way?

    • Sheri says:

      Google is the only company that can know what will help or hurt their search rankings, but one of the factors they’ve talked about being the most beneficial to search rankings is site speed. By serving images at the smallest size needed and from a global CDN, Photon is likely to make your site significantly faster, which our beta testers saw in improved Google Page Speed scores. Like all things SEO, your milage may vary.

  35. sushubh says:


    1. Publicize does not work if I update a blog post and publish it. Post specific setting is enabled.
    2. I cannot seem to get it working with two blogs connected to a single Twitter account. It works on the first blog that was connected. Not on second.

  36. Not working for me, The download failed several times and also removed 1.91… 😦

  37. Bojan Cincur says:

    Reblogged this on My view on e-World and commented:
    Jetpack 2.0 just knocked me out today. This just shows how mature and scalable the WordPress platform is. This is a giant step to reach and socialize every WordPress installation just like it’s done with the blogs. I personally was cheering for Publicize module in this version, but Photon and Infinite Scroll have just blown me off. And finally, as a developer, I have a lot of new API’s to play with, and all of them are coming from fabulos kitchen. […]

  38. I’m getting a “-32301: transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 (500)” error…?

    • Sheri says:

      That is a server-side error from your web host. Check your PHP error log (or ask your host to) to see if there are any notices from around the time this error showed up. If you still need help after that, please post future support requests in the Jetpack support forum.

  39. This is a fantastic update!! I cant wait to start using it.

  40. Photon is amazing, thank you so much! Will this also serve up Retina images on supported devices?

  41. I am waiting for a better spam-free registration process. I am sick of deleting spam accounts manually. Most of the plugins don’t do what I want and I am zero when it comes to coding.

  42. allvoxman says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!! Thanks!!

  43. Bachsau says:

    Would be great to have some more options on what to share with what services. New pages, or just new posts. Maybe a customizable prefix for twitter, or to share something just with a few or all services.

    Oh, and I notice that more and more jetpack features are just available in English. Please focus a bit more on internationalization. You don’t need to release a new version every week! 🙂

  44. dougison says:

    WAHOOO HOLY COW OMG… THE JETPACK is really taking it to the next level and making it and extremely useful tool… Thank You…

  45. Madu says:

    Have you noticed that the SHARE BUTTONS have a problem? The Google+ button appears 1 or 2 pixels higher than the others… I thought it was only at my website, but just noticed the SAME problem in this post. I’m using Chrome 23.0.1271.64 under MacOS 10.7.5. It would be wonderful if you guys corrected it! Tks! =)

  46. Red says:

    Why is the overarching connection to necessary? The point of my own domain (not an Automattic domain) is to get away from and use the wonderful plugins from I would love the publicize capability for LinkedIn, but hate the idea of as a requirement.

    • Tim Moore says:

      The connection is required for a number of reasons. Primarily, we want to leverage the power of our several data centers to process things like Stats and email (for Subscriptions and the Contact Form). Without connecting to, using our data centers would not be possible.

      We always strive to ensure we are not collecting and Personally Identifiable Information and that our processes are secure.

  47. Bachsau says:

    Could you please make Publicise use permalinks? When I post something to twitter now, it goes through three redirects: -> -> post-id -> Permalink

  48. Somehow this plugin broke all the smileys in a test post I have on my website. Not a big deal since I don’t use smileys on posts, but still… 😉 Everything else is working great though!

  49. Chris Gravelle says:

    Is there a way to remove thumbnails from Publicize? We use only feature images right now and with gravatar images my posts slam followers in the face with a huge image of me.

  50. Kevin says:

    Reblogged this on The Fischer Account and commented:

    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  51. Daniel says:

    So… Do I need to edit what my publicize-post is going to say EVERY time I publish something?

  52. Nitin Khanna says:

    All, Photon and the new updates are really nice. But I hope you’re fixing that bug in photon where it tries to resize all images (including the smileys), causing them to not show up… Hope we can get that fix soon, cause photon is just amazing, guys!

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