#SmallBusinessWeek Day 4: Spotlight on SEO and Marketing Tools

Today the focus of our #SmallBusinessWeek series is on marketing and search engine optimization.

The Hard Part Should Be Writing Your Content

One thing that hasn’t changed in decades (centuries?) of marketing — online and offline — is that as an entrepreneur, consultant, or small business owner you need to be found and you need to communicate your message.

The Internet has in many ways facilitated those things. But it’s easy to get bogged down in technicalities, numbers, and red herrings that distract you from talking to your customers, explaining your message better, and ultimately selling more.


A sample of Jetpack’s stats.

The Jetpack Advantage

For many WordPress sites, Jetpack provides the baseline starting point you need to make sure the “tech” is sorted while you focus on writing about your services.

These are the benefits you will experience:

  1. Simple and concise stats.
    Available in your dashboard, on WordPress.com, on your mobile browser, and the official WordPress apps, Jetpack tracks your visitors, where they come from, and gives you insights that help you work out what content is resonating with your readers.
  2. Get the SEO basics right.
    You don’t need expensive consultants to get your basics right. Jetpack automatically generates sitemaps for Google to understand your site and helps you verify your site with official search engines. Professional plan customers get some more advanced tooling to see search engine and social media content previews.
  3. Expand your reach.
    Straightforward tools help you promote your message and capitalize on your existing audience. Jetpack makes it trivial to add sharing buttons, automatically promote content on Facebook and Twitter, use Related Posts to keep readers on your site, and allow visitors to join your mailing list.
  4. Expert support.
    All Jetpack users, free or paid, are able to get in touch with our support staff to receive assistance with any of the Jetpack features. Paid customers receive priority support for much faster resolution.

Bonus: Exclusive Discount

Just for this #SmallBusinessWeek, in celebration of all the small businesses that keep the world turning, we’re offering a 20% one-time discount on all our paid subscriptions.

Just use the code SMALLBIZ at checkout.

And of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Next Steps: Compare plans and choose the right one for your site.

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