Why Every Site Should Have Backups

Every single site is different: different designs, different content, different objectives and goals. But there’s one thing that is true for all of them: they need to be online! Whatever your site’s goals, you’ll only meet them if your website is accessible and running smoothly.

Almost every day, we hear from customers who use our backup service because they’ve experienced an outage in the past. They don’t want to repeat the experience of scrambling to rebuild their site again from bits and pieces of old backups, internet archives, and memory.

In hindsight, everyone says that what they should have done is invest in a backup service right away — because every site, no matter its size, design, or goals, needs to be backed up.

Everyone makes mistakes

One of the most common causes of data loss is human error. Even if you think you have a foolproof process for preventing accidents, life will surprise you.

We regularly see these genuinely accidental, but ultimately catastrophic mistakes:

  • An expired credit card doesn’t renew a web hosting service, taking a site down.
  • A supposedly simple plugin or theme update causes a conflict, making the site inaccessible.
  • A tired developer accidentally runs a script on the live database instead of the testing one.
  • A new employee unknowingly deletes a folder that’s in use, thinking they’re freeing up server space.

You might smile indulgently at these rookie mistakes, but accident and chance can surprise the even the best of us. With a backup in place, recovering from these mistakes is both easier and less time-consuming than trying to restore your site from scratch.

The impossible is possible

There is a very good reason that most hosting providers claim to provide 99.99% server uptime and not 100%. Human error can cause that unlikely 0.01% chance to become a brutal reality.

A search for “catastrophic hosting failure” reveals multiple examples of this seemingly impossible event actually happening. In some cases, hosts have had their own backups compromised.

At that point, you might be fully justified in requesting a refund or compensation from your host — but what you can’t request is the data that’s been lost.

We love our hosting providers, and know they’re doing everything they can to keep this from happening. But if the impossible does become reality, having off-site backups is the only way to guarantee your data is secure.

Backups give you peace of mind

Peace of mind means knowing that whatever you’re doing, the changes you make are not permanent. It’s like writing online: you can hit “Undo” if you accidentally delete everything (or if someone else does!) and be back where you started.

Whatever happens, a third-party backup service gives you peace of mind that:

  • There is always a secure copy of your latest site available to you.
  • That copy is always in a different location from your host.

With Jetpack, you also have peace of mind knowing that rebuilding your site will be a straightforward process: one click is all it takes to restore your site or migrate it to another server.

Everyone with a website hopes that they’ll never have to deal with losing data, and most people never will — but hedging your bets with a solid backup plan is a small investment with a big payout for your time, money, and security.

Backups cost just $3.50 per month or $39 per year with a Jetpack Personal plan. Upgrade now to keep your hard work safe.

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