How to Manage Your Site While You’re Away

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Imagine that you’re preparing to take your first, well-deserved vacation since launching your website. Running an online business or blog is hard work, and recently your work-life balance hasn’t been, well, balanced.

The problem is that you don’t feel entirely comfortable pulling away. After all, your website has to stay up and running, and you’re not sure how to manage a website without logging in every day. You don’t want site visitors to feel forgotten about if there’s suddenly no new content for them to check out.

Fortunately, Jetpack has the features you need to help you manage your site while you’re out of the office. Read on to learn about preparing your site for an out of office period and how to keep your site running smoothly while you’re off enjoying your vacation.

Preparing for your time out of the office

In between packing your luggage, make some time to prepare your site for your absence by preparing some scheduled posts or adding some social media shares to your queue. You should also think about activating the following helpful Jetpack features before you leave for vacation.

Keep your site running with downtime alerts

While on vacation, you shouldn’t have to worry about your site’s uptime. Jetpack offers 24/7 uptime monitoring with the Monitor feature, which keeps an eye on your site and alerts you the moment any downtime is detected.

Jetpack can send you a notification the moment downtime is detected, helping you take action… or have someone else call your website host in your absence.

Once activated, Jetpack’s service will ping your site frequently. If your site doesn’t respond to a ping, Jetpack will send you an email notification. Jetpack sends emails in the following situations:

  • When it first detects site downtime.
  • If your site is still down after an hour of downtime.
  • When your site comes back up (yay!).

In the unfortunate scenario that your site goes down, you’ll be able to contact your hosting company in a timely manner and resolve the issue quickly. Although, considering you’re on vacation, maybe you should think about asking someone else to contact your host for you so you can keep relaxing.

Keep your plugins updated — automatically

You shouldn’t have to worry about security issues resulting from outdated plugins while away from your computer. When Jetpack’s Plugin Updates feature is activated, you can set up some or all of your plugins to automatically update.

This feature is useful even when you’re not on vacation. It saves you the time it would normally take to manually check for and install individual updates, and can help prevent potential security risks from running out-of-date add-ons.

Toggle your plugins to automatically update by switching on the second option you see here. Your site will stay current even while you’re busy building sandcastles or taking a well-deserved nap.

Don’t stop the flow of content

WordPress allows you to schedule site posts ahead of time, but what about social media posts? Publishing content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms is a great way to promote your site, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity just because you’re away from the office.

Jetpack’s Publicize feature automates the process of publishing content to social media, and it can even allow you to schedule shares well in advance. With our Premium and Professional plans, you can create future social media posts, or re-share existing content on specific days at designated times.

Much like our site monitoring feature, Publicize is useful even when you’re not on vacation: it saves you time when creating social media posts, managing your queue, and keeping your social media followers coming to your site and consuming your content.

Ways to write posts while you’re away

You’re finally relaxing on the beach after a long day of snorkeling and sand-castle building. You want to share this moment with your followers. Thankfully, you already have Jetpack installed on your site, so posting to your website from a sandy beach with no computer and limited internet access isn’t a problem.

Here are two ways you can keep posting, even if you left your laptop at home!

Send a quick email to create a new post

Post by Email is a Jetpack feature that’s extremely useful when you’re on-the-go. Fire up your favorite email app or any other email service like Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail. Write an email, and send it to the unique email address that Jetpack provides you with.

After you send this email, Jetpack will create a new post and publish it for you. The email subject line will become your post’s title, and the body of the email will be the post’s copy.

You can even attach images to this email to include them within your post. If a single image is attached to the email, it will show up within the post; if multiple images are attached they will show up within a gallery view.

Can’t get to a computer? No problem: with this feature, you can just email the body of your post to a special address and have it published ASAP.

Read the Post by Email documentation to explore the capabilities of this feature, like specifying a post’s category and tags, delaying publication, adding Publicize settings, changing the post status, and using special shortcodes.

Monitor your content, stats, and more from the WordPress app

If you have internet access while away, consider using one of the native mobile apps (iOS or Android) to publish a post. The WordPress mobile apps offer flexibility without sacrificing power or functionality. They offer the features you need to publish posts, as well as the ability to view website statistics, check comment notifications, and manage your site settings.

Read more about managing your site from a mobile device in our blog post, then download the app to get started!

Have a great trip!

With your post successfully published, you can put down your phone and get back to relaxing, confident in knowing that Jetpack will take care of your site in your absence.

Now that you know how to manage a website while on-the-go, we hope you’ll never hesitate to go on vacation again. Can you offer any additional tips for site management while out of the office? Share them in the comments section below!

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  1. The desktop version provides ‘all sites’ management of plugins – very useful when managing dozens of sites! – will we ever see that functionality in the iPad app?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Adam says:

      Plugin management in the apps is already available, but only on a site-by-site basis unfortunately. Right now I don’t think an “all sites” view is on the roadmap. Sorry!


      • I’m aware that the feature is already available site-by-site – I already use it when mobile. That’s how I know how incredibly tedious it is to deal with 100+ sites one at a time. Liberal use of the auto-update settings for most plugins on most sites has helped quite a bit, but serial processing of plugin updates just doesn’t scale well.


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