Jetpack reaches 1 million downloads

We’re pleased to announce Jetpack has been downloaded over 1 million times. We’re happy so many of you are using features from to make your blogs better.

For fun:

  • If the monitor you are looking at now has a resolution of 1280 x 800, that’s 1,024,000 pixels
  • A million seconds = 11.57 days
  • There are a million drops of water in a liter
  • A million is also an addictive fresh spicy leathery fragrance 

We recently released a new version, Jetpack 1.2.4,  with some minor bug fixes. You can download it here or through your WordPress Dashboard.

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How to view your email subscribers

With the addition of email subscriptions in Jetpack 1.2, one common question is: is it possible to view your list of subscribers? The good news: you can. The bad news: it’s disturbingly hard to find.

Unless you posess psychic powers, or you are one of the programmers who worked on this, you’re unlikely to find it.  We’ll work on making this simpler in the future, but for now, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on Site Stats
  3. Scroll all the way down
  4. On the left, you’ll see a section labeled Subscriptions

If you click on the link labeled blog followers, you’ll see a list of all of the email address of people who have subscribed to your blog.

Again, we’re sorry this is so hard to find, and we expect to simplify this in the future. I could explain why this happened, but that rarely satisfies anyone, so I won’t.

Ok. If you really want to know, I can share one important fact. At the time we released Jetpack 1.2, was moving away from use of the term subscriber, in favor of the term follower. If we followed along (ha ha), we’d annoy people by using a new term. But if we didn’t, we’d annoy people by using an old term. Either way we’d annoy some percentage of our users. We went with the later approach, We also knew that when 1.2 released, we’d likely get questions about what’s going on, and need to write a post like the one you are reading, explaining why there were some strange design choices in how subscriptions worked in Jetpack.

In the short term, this post should help clarify things. In the long term, we’ll consider paving over this UI pothole with pure Jetpack goodness. Thanks for reading, and jetpacking.

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How to use Email Subscriptions in Jetpack 1.2

The major new feature in Jetpack 1.2 is email subscriptions. Since we want you to get the most out of Jetpack, we’re taking a few minutes to explain what it does and how it works.

How does it work?

Many visitors to blogs never return. But if you can get them to subscribe, Jetpack will let them know when there’s a new post, so they can return and give you more traffic. This is similar to what Feedburner and others services do.

The reason why we can offer this in the Jetpack plugin is because of The servers handle the messy work of sending and managing all the emails for you. Your blog is still yours, but subscriptions are handled, by us, for free, on your behalf.

How to turn Subscriptions on

All features in Jetpack 1.2 are on by default. Subscriptions, like all other features in Jetpack, requires no special magic to activate.

Visitors can choose to subscribe to new posts, or to subscribe to new comments on a post they have already commented on, so they can stay involved in the conversation.

Where will subscriptions appears on your blog?

The UI for Subscriptions can appear in two places. One is on by default, the other you have to active manually.

By default, you will see two new checkboxes on every blog post, at the bottom of the comments form. It will look something like this, depending on the theme you are using.

You can also add subscriptions to your sidebar, which we strongly recommend.

To add the Subscriptions Widget to your sidebar, go to your Dashboard. Then click on Widgets. You will see a widget called ‘Blog Subscriptions (Jetpack)’. Click on it, and drag it to the sidebar on the right.

What will your blog readers see?

When visitors choose to subscribe, and type in their email address,  in a few minutes they’ll get a confirmation email that looks like something like this:

If they click Confirm, they’ll receive a notification of every future post by email (each containing a link to Manage Subscriptions, so they can unsubscribe at any time). If they ignore the confirmation email, nothing will happen.

 How to turn Subscriptions off

If you don’t want to use Subscriptions, you can turn it off in two steps.

Go to your Dashboard, then Jetpack. Then click on the Learn More button for Subscriptions. You’ll see a Deactivate button. Click it to turn Subscriptions off.

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How to write a great bug report

We know you don’t like bugs. We don’t like them either. But as they’re an unavoidable part of software, it’d be good for us to share how best to report issues to us to speed things along.

In short, here’s a great rule: If we can’t reproduce the bug, we can’t fix the bug.

When you report a bug to us, here’s what happens:

  1. We read the bug report
  2. One of us tries to reproduce the bug
  3. If we can reproduce it, we investigate what’s broken and fix it.
  4. But if we can’t reproduce the bug…

Often bug reports don’t include enough information. This means we have go back and ask for details so we can investigate. If you want to increase the odds we fix an issue, and fix it fast, help us out.

A great bug report includes the following:

  1. What were you trying to do?
  2. What did you click on or do last?
  3. What happened / what did you see?
  4. What browser are you using?
  5. What version of WordPress?
  6. What hosting provider? (And if you know, what version of PHP do they use?)
  7. The bug is reported to the right place (For Jetpack, Go here)

You don’t need to be verbose. A sentence for each is often just fine.  And bug reports that show screenshots for #3 are incredibly useful, as we can see exactly what you saw.

Bonus points for reviewing known issues before submitting, as your problem might already have been reported, and have a patch or a workaround (For Jetpack, known issues are listed here).

We work hard to have you deal with as few issues as possible, but if you want to improve the odds we can fix your issue fast, please take a extra minute to write a bug report that’s easier for us to use.  Thanks.

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Announcing Jetpack 1.2

Here at Jetpack HQ we’ve been working hard over the last few weeks, finishing up a major update for Jetpack: we’re calling it Jetpack 1.2.

Among other highlights for this release are two of the most frequently requested features: support for Google+ in the Sharing toolbar and Email subscriptions, a feature which lets your readers get every single post on your blog direct to their email inbox.

Other new features and enhancements include:

  • Email subscriptions to your blog
  • Improved UI for showing new and updated Jetpack features
  • Better support for other languages
  • Smarter and safer Jetpack upgrades
  • New Shortcodes for VideoPress & Google Maps
  • Added LinkedIn and Google+ buttons to Sharing UI
  • Image Widget
  • RSS Links Widget

To download:

  • If you have an earlier version of Jetpack: go to Dashboard->Updates. If Jetpack isn’t listed, click the Check Again button (it may take a few minutes for Jetpack 1.2 to appear).
  • Or, go to your Dashboard. Under Plugins, click “Add New”. Type ‘Jetpack’ into the search field.
  • Or if you prefer to do it manually download the latest version here. For Support, go here.
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New update: Jetpack 1.1.3

Greetings Jetpack users. Apologies that its been so long since our last update, but most of the issues we’ve discovered the last weeks were minor. Here they are all together in the latest bug fix release: Jetpack 1.1.3.  And yes, bigger releases with more features are in the works, but it would break 1.1.3’s little heart to use its announcement post to talk about future releases.

In addition to fixing a few minor bugs, Jetpack 1.1.3 includes 14 new translations! Many thanks to all our translators.

Jetpack 1.1.3 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Increased compatibility with WordPress 3.2.
  • Increased compatibility with Admin Bar.
  • Stats: Improved performance when creating new posts.
  • Fix: Twitter Widget: Fix PHP Notice.
  • Fix: Sharedaddy: Fix PHP Warning.
  • AtD: Add proofread button to Distraction Free Writing screen.
  • Translations: Added: Bosnian, Danish, German, Finnish, Galician, Croatian, Indonesian,  Macedonian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish
  • Translations: Updated: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese

To update Jetpack: go to Dashboard->Updates. If Jetpack isn’t listed, click the Check Again button (it may take a few minutes for Jetpack 1.1.3 to appear).

Or manually download the latest version here. For Support, go here.

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Jetpack milestone reached: 100k downloads

We’re excited to announce that, in just a few short weeks, over 100k people have downloaded Jetpack. We wanted to both give thanks and share thoughts on future releases.

First, kudos to everyone who downloaded our unique plugin and spread the word. Also double bonus thanks to those who reported issues on the first releases to Jetpack Support – given the many web hosting providers in the world, and the complexity of how authentication works, it’s impossible to cover them all without your help.

If you haven’t yet, please install the latest release (1.1.2), which should appear as an upgrade in your dashboard if you have a previous version. Then please rate Jetpack on the main plugin site, and score us for compatability on the version of WordPress you are using.

The future:  the Jetpack mission is to continually bring features currently only available on to the rest of the WordPress community. Beyond the recent bug fix releases, we’re investigating’s most popular features and how to engineer them to work inside Jetpack. I can’t say more, but it’s fair to say version 1.2 is likely to contain something impressive – something  no ordinary plugin can currently do.

Meanwhile, if you could have your wish, what feature would you want to see in Jetpack 1.2? Leave us a comment.

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New update: Jetpack 1.1.2

We are back with more Jetpack goodness for you. Over the last few weeks, we’ve closely monitored new and old jetpacks and have, with surgical and space age precision, patched several important issues.

Jetpack 1.1.2 includes fixes for:

  • Fixes for all “timestamp is too old” errors (generated by difference between your server and servers)
  • Fixes for many “register_http_request_failed” errors caused by hosts making https requests, without verifying SSL certificates.
  • Smarter fallback behavior when is experiencing problems.
  • After The Deadline: fixed several settings storage issues.
  • Stats: Better handling of old statistics data.
  • Twitter Widget: improved time/date formatting, and timeout error handling.
  • Gravatar Hovercards: Improved visuals for Windows browsers.
  • Share This: improved localization for Facebook Like button.
  • Slightly improved experience for RTL languages. We plan on further improving the RTL experience in Jetpack 1.2.

When you’re strapped in and ready, go to the plugin directory to download Jetpack 1.1.2 or get the zip right here.

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Jetpack 1.1.1 is here

We’ve been busy since our launch last week studying and following up on every issue reported for 1.1. As you might imagine, there have been problems specific to particular hosting providers and it takes time to carefully diagnose and fix these complex issues. And today, we’re proud and happy to release 1.1.1 for your jetpacking pleasure.

If you’ve had problems with 1.1, we’re sorry about that. And we’re confident 1.1.1 will solve many of your complaints.

Among other minor fixes, 1.1.1 includes:

  • Fixes for many “Your Jetpack has a glitch. Connecting this site with is not possible.” errors.
  • PHP4 compatibility for Stats (ShareDaddy disabled appropriately).
  • Improved error messages.
  • Improve CSS styling.
  • Corrected permalink handling for Stats Server for improved per post permalink calculation.
  • Screen Options and Help links available during Jetpack call to connect.
  • Improved performance of LaTeX URLs using cookieless CDN.

If none of that makes any sense to you, don’t worry, be happy. It’s all good news.

You can download Jetpack 1.1.1 now.

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