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Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 11.25.38 AMIn Jetpack 2.2.3, released on April 26th, 2013, we introduced a new widget called the “Twitter Timeline” widget. This widget allows you to display your tweets on your blog in a much richer way then you could with the old Twitter widget. Users can retweet, favorite, and reply to you straight from your blog. The experience is also much closer to the experience of

The old Twitter widget — which shipped with versions of Jetpack below 2.2.3 — will stop functioning on May 7th. This is because of some changes Twitter is making with how developers communicate with their service. Our new widget uses their timeline product which allows us to offer a solution that will continue working while providing additional features.

The old widget will gracefully stop returning output after May 7th. Any admins on your blog will receive a message asking them to switch to the new widget.

Let us know if you have any questions or what you think of the new widget in the comments below!

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  1. Alessandro Degiusti says:



  2. mikecsmith says:

    I look forward to using this new twitter widget.


  3. Alex Webley (@PsycheWizard) says:

    Love the new widget and prefer it to the one Twitter provide. Thanks very much.


  4. Jonathan Dingman says:

    Awesome! Huge thanks to the Jetpack team 🙂


  5. adunate says:

    How can I set this to show only one tweet? My latest tweet?


  6. MichaelVera says:

    Yes…’s not very helpful.

    Check out the old Twitter widget up top. That’s way better.

    If you’re using the widget in your header, then this Twitter widget kind of sucks. Can you guys tell me how to get my widget to look like the demo in the link above?


    • Jeremy says:

      The widget doesn’t offer any option to limit the number of tweets, and Twitter doesn’t allow you to customize the look of the timeline with CSS. If you want to achieve results similar to what’s in your header at the moment, I’m afraid you will have to use a different Twitter widget.


  7. phukienlaptopgiare says:

    I think it is great


  8. Anne-Sophie de Vargas says:

    It works great and I’m already using it. I was just wondering if it’s possible to apply customized CSS…?


    • Jeremy says:

      Twitter doesn’t offer any options to customize the CSS inside the widget. You can, however, use the layout options in the widget settings to customize the look of the timeline.


  9. Dianne T. Richardson (@NovelDianne) says:

    I still can’t get the darn thing to work. I have followed the directions exactly as they are provided, and I have changed my Chrome settings as suggested in the WordPress help forums. I have tried using IE. I have reinstalled Chrome. I have deleted and then created new widgets through Twitter. Nothing works. I am very unhappy about this.


  10. graincore says:

    Hey guys, I am really a bit disappointed about the fact that the new plugin is not making use of my Stylesheet.css anymore. Where I can find these “data-chrome settings” to put in “noscrollbar” and limit the tweets to 3 or so …. is it part of a PHP?

    Here they say…..

    its possible to leave out the “scroll bar” for example with this code:


    Thanks for your help


    • Jeremy says:

      Thanks for your feedback!
      We’ll consider adding the “noscrollbar” in a future update. We’ll update this trac ticket once this feature is included in the Twitter Timeline widget.


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