Jetpack 2.1.2

Dear Jetpack Community,

Today we released Jetpack 2.1.2. This is mainly a bug fix release to get some outstanding issues squashed. We have resolved 34 bugs and added 2 enhancements, by my count. That’s pretty impressive, for a point release!

The highlights for this release are:

– the new TED shortcode. You can now copy and paste the shortcode offered on and embed it directly in your WordPress+Jetpack-powered post or page.

– filters for Infinite Scroll. These filters allow themes and plugins to provide additional assets that should be loaded before a new set of posts is appended to the DOM.

You can read the full changelog here. Get in touch with us via our support form if you need any assistance.

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  1. fredtbiz says:

    Thanks for the update. Really appreciate it.


  2. Frederick Fuller says:

    I find no shortcode. Where is it on the page?



    • tmoorewp says:

      On the TED web site (, click on a video, then click on the Embed options for that video. The embed section has a WordPress shortcode generated for the video you selected.


  3. Lovely Home Cghs Dwarka says:

    I am non technical person fond of making WordPress web sites and now working on my site and using Jetpack. I am not able to use any short codes in any part, therefore, my request to upgrade your plug-in is to be such that the user do not have to use or insert any short code any where. It should install automatically and make changes by configuration by yes or no points.

    Thank you in advance for noting my point for your own benefit from trillions of users


    • tmoorewp says:

      Thanks for the feedback. In this case, the shortcode is useful since it is embedding content from a separate web site into your own.


  4. Jenny says:

    I love Jetpack and all it’s do-hickeys but the only thing is absolutely HATE about it is that the custom CSS does not save when/if you change your theme then go back. Like today, I hate to disable Jetpack to make my site work due to whatever problems you’re having over there. I guarantee my CSS will be GONE when I reactivate it if/when you fix your issues.

    You should prolly fix that.


    • Tim Moore says:

      Your CSS is saved in revisions, which are available in the CSS Editor page in the right hand sidebar. This was a design decision so that when you change themes, you get a fresh start and don’t have changes meant for another theme in a new theme. Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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