Jetpack 2.3: Omnisearch, Social Links, and DIY Debugging

Version 2.3 of Jetpack has launched! New features like Omnisearch, Social Links, the Debugger, and more give you powerful, simple ways to customize and administer your Jetpack-powered site.



Omnisearch: one search box, global results. Don’t waste time digging for that one comment with the useful link — or was it a post you saw it in? Search once and get results from all of your posts, pages, comments, and plugins.

It’s also incredibly simple to let other plugins offer search results for when a user does a search. Do you have a plugin to build forms? Let Omnisearch provide your users with relevant points of contact from their visitors. Shopping cart plugin? Use it to find individual orders or products. Omnisearch is easy to extend via WordPress’s native Filters API to create a comprehensive search experience within your Dashboard.

Social Links

Social Links

Are you using a theme that supports Social Links? Now, you can configure your social icons directly from the Customizer (just make sure you’ve connected your social services using Publicize first).


Debug Module

Debugging your Jetpack connection has never been easier. Activate the Jetpack Debugger, find out why Jetpack isn’t working for you, and submit a help request directly from your Dashboard. Our support folks can see the test details, helping them hone in on the issue more efficiently.

Other Enhancements

In addition to these features, you can now customize the “submit” button text on contact forms, as well as captions used by slideshows

(We’ve also spent a lot of time fixing bugs. For a complete list of changes, take a look at the changelog.)

If you’re already running Jetpack, head to your dashboard to update to 2.3. Otherwise, download Jetpack today!

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  1. Michael McCallister says:

    Sounds like an excellent update. Look forward to trying it!


  2. Chris (@BatmanNewsChris) says:

    Omnisearch is pretty cool! I can see myself using it to find all posts with a certain shortcode, for example.


  3. Gordon Simmons says:

    Jetpack has become an indispensable part of all the sites I build. I appreciate the improvements!


  4. Vanessa Blaylock says:

    Wow, fantastic. Thanks you guys. One noob question: I see that 2.3 is available now in the repository, but I’m not yet being prompted to update from 2.2.5. When I click “update” I believe I maintain all my existing settings. If I download 2.3 and then upload it will I lose settings? TY!


    • Jeremy says:

      It can take a little while for the update to appear in your WordPress dashboard. I would suggest that you try again in a few hours, since that’s probably the easiest way to update!


  5. localherodotbiz says:

    Its cool, but when will it search attachments and custom post types as well?


  6. netmeg says:

    I updated it on about ten sites, and all updates still show the update notice (the white 1 in a dark circle next to Jetpack in the sidebar) on all sites. What more needs to be done, or is this some kind of a display bug?


  7. Dennis Siber says:

    Sounds great to me


  8. pegrammar says:

    Hello, Jeremy
    I found that the problem is caused by a plugin, called ‘Manual Control for Jetpack’. Deactivating it resolved the issue.


  9. AL© firman says:

    Jetpack is best!


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