Jetpack 2.5: Google Integration, VideoPress, and Facebook Embeds

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In the latest update to Jetpack, we have some exciting new features to share with you including integration of Google services and products, adding VideoPress to our list of modules, and the ability to embed your Facebook updates into your blog posts. Let’s take a closer look at each of these new features!

Google Integration

We’ve added a number of great features from Google in Jetpack 2.5:

  • Post Comments using your Google+ Account. Added the option to comment using your Google+ account when using Jetpack Comments on your site.
  • Connect to your Google+ Profile. This helps Google understand who created certain pages and may be used to help increase the accuracy of search results, and improve the appearance of your pages in Google’s results pages.
  • Share to Google+ Button. The official button for Google+ is now a sharing button in your Sharing options.
  • Embedding Google Content. You can now embed Google Calendars, Google Documents, and Google Maps directly into your posts and pages.

For more details and instructions on how to set up these various Google features, please see our Google Integration support page!


We’re excited to announce that VideoPress has been added as a module to Jetpack! Previously a standalone plugin, we’ve now integrated VideoPress so you can upload, manage, and browse your videos through the Media -> VideoPress link on your site’s dashboard or through the Add Media button on your Post/Page editor.

Head over to our VideoPress support doc to find out more!

Facebook Embeds

Embedding a Facebook update is now as easy as pasting the update’s URL on its own line.

Unlike the Facebook Like Box, which can display a page feed in your sidebar, Facebook embeds allows you to display any individual update from a public Facebook timeline in a blog post or post comment, complete with:

  • The update’s text.
  • Action buttons allowing readers to like, comment on, and share the update without leaving your site.
  • A media preview of images or videos in or linked in the update.
  • Links back to the Facebook page or profile.

Want to see how easy it is? Here’s an example of the shortcode you would use to embed your own Facebook update (from the Jetpack Facebook Page):

[facebook url=""]

Here’s what the result would look like on your post!

Want to know more? Take a look at our Facebook Embeds support doc for more details and instructions on how to add your status updates to your next blog post!

For a full changelog of these updates, please visit

As always, please let us know through the forums or our contact form if you notice any issues.


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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 50% off your first year.

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  1. David Bennett says:

    Am I correct in thinking that if the G+ commenting system is implemented, then that people wishing to comment will need a G+ account?

    Or is that just an additional option that commenters will have to identify themselves?


    • Richard A. says:

      Hi! Jetpack Comments allows a user to comment with their account, their Facebook account, their Twitter account, and now, their Google+ account. They are not required to have any one of those though, it is an optional way for visitors to comment.


  2. Kevin Mamaqi says:

    Good job, great features.


  3. Sarah Gooding (@pollyplummer) says:

    Thanks for this awesome update! Just one question. If you have a multi-author blog, can each author connect to their Google+ profile for authorship? How does this work?


  4. Ollie Tigwell says:

    Can you connect to a Google+ Page rather than profile?


  5. Rick Smith (@RickSmith) says:

    What if I’m using the Yoast SEO plug in that also does authorship. Do these two plugin’s conflict? Should I use one and not the other/


    • Richard A. says:

      Yes, they do conflict in the sense that the G= profile info will be shown tiwce. You can deactivate our module or the functionality in Yoast’s plugin to prevent the double profile from showing.


  6. Rick Smith (@RickSmith) says:

    One other question…any ideas when you guys will switch the Facebook share button to the current one..that allows people to leave a comment when liking the post (so that it shares on their facebook newsfeed.) That’s really the only thing that’s keeping me from using your sharing buttons, but would really like to. Thanks!


  7. sushubh says:

    Can we please have both +1 and Share buttons for Google+? I am not a fan of Share button as it is already available to me through +1 button. I really do not like +1 getting replaced with Share button in this update. Thanks.


  8. Tané Tachyon says:

    Cool! I’d like to suggest that you give people the option of having the Google+ profile sharing info display on pages in addition to posts.


  9. Tomb Svalborg says:

    What if I liked the +1 google button? I don’t want the “share” button.

    Also: Can I connect a page instead of a profile?


    • Richard A. says:

      Hi, we’re looking into ading the +1 button possibly in a future release. As for connecting to a page, profile connections are intended to provide authorship information for Google relating to a specific person, as defined within Google+. As such it is only available for profiles, and not Pages.


  10. c (@igneousC) says:

    so you can connect it to a google plus profile, but you can’t really connect it to your company/websites google plus page? I’m a little confused as I find google plus to be way too complicated for a service that so few people truly use. I wish they had more integration/sharing options like facebook(desipse that service too though 😮 )


  11. caesar “xarzy” castro says:

    Is it possible to integrated Jetpack 2.5 in account or is it only limited to users?


  12. សំបុកអាយធី says:

    This is an awesome update.



  13. rmwb says:

    Is there any way to connect a Google+ business page rather than my personal profile?


  14. sushubh says:

    I imagine this update does not include the automated sharing that offers. Would be awesome if you can provide it in a future update. With options to post to a Google+ Profile or Page. Cheers.


  15. jklatex says:

    In the changelog for v2.5, i found:

    Enhancement: LaTeX is now available in dev mode

    Does this mean a full LaTeX distribution will be available instead of just ‘Beautiful Math’?
    Is there a description somewhere? Seaching the web didn’t find anything on this specific point.


    • Richard A. says:

      We only include “Beautiful Math”; we enabled it in dev mode so that users can build their site and see their LaTeX in their dev sites before going live.


  16. DocSysop says:

    Just a quick heads up. When adding the contributor link to your G+ profile, Jetpack is bumbling the url line making it invalid. Might want to check if your install went OK. As is is you will not be included in the authorship program if the link is invalid.

    Also on another installation where i already had authorship established “rel=”author”. I set Jetpack up as a publisher on another G+ account. It’s verifying OK via the testing tool but i noticed Jetpack is changing the post authors name to that of the publisher. Thinking that might disavow my author rel in posts.

    Here is the link to Google’s structured data testing tool:


    • Jeremy says:

      When adding the contributor link to your G+ profile, Jetpack is bumbling the url line making it invalid

      Could you give me more details about this issue? The Contributor links seem to be displayed properly on my end. It’d be great if you could send us an email and let us know your site URL, as well as how that URL was displayed in Google+.


      Jetpack is changing the post authors name to that of the publisher

      That’s correct. This way, we eliminate potential conflicts where a post would list 2 different authors.


  17. Albert A (Albs) says:

    Aww… Comment using Google+ login is much expected feature at Jetpack. Million thanks to Jetpack team. (Now I’m commenting using my Google+ profile) 😉

    @Richard: Still I have some feature request on Jetpack:

    We want author box with Google+Authorship options. (Multi-Author Support). Currently all available plugins for this is not really efficient. Some Author box plugins breaks themes and it is difficult to setup. Looks like Jetpack can be a good option for enabling this feature.

    I remember 2 to 3 months before I requested Google+ login for commenting… and now it is live on Jetpack. Billion thanks to you guys.


  18. Lynn Walford says:

    Is there any way to post directly from WordPress via publicize directly to a Facebook Business page?

    I’ve logged into Facebook several times as the administrator to the Facebook page, go through the screens to get “You are using Facebook as Wireless and Mobile News
    To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself”

    It then takes me to Facebook page to post to Facebook by typing.

    In the publish Publicize icons on each Post, Facebook does not appear. Please advise.

    My personal Facebook account I do not use for business. I don’t want to post to all my friends feeds. Thank you so much for the great plugin.


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