Jetpack 3.2: Speed Improvements and a Centralized Posting Experience

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Last week we released Jetpack 3.2, bringing  you speed improvements and a centralized posting experience.

Speed Improvements


We’ve improved the caching mechanism for Related Posts. Previously, you’d have to wait up to 12 hours for the cache to flush and related posts to appear on newly-published posts. Now, it happens in just a few minutes!


We’ve also worked on speed improvements at the heart of Jetpack, including consolidating and streamlining CSS and reducing the number of resource requests Jetpack makes. Coupled with Photon, this makes your site load faster – just one of many planned performance enhancements in store for Jetpack.

A Centralized Posting Experience


With Jetpack connected, you can now publish posts to your self-hosted WordPress site with the same editor available on giving you one centralized place from where to publish content, irrespective of where your WordPress site is hosted. Additionally, the new editor works great on mobile and tablets (and desktops!).

To try it out, head over to and pick your site from the site picker on the top left of the editing window (after connecting and updating Jetpack).

How To Update

To update Jetpack, login to your WordPress Dashboard and update directly from the Plugins tab or download the plugin files and install manually.

Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and Feedback

There are also many minor enhancements and bug fixes with Jetpack 3.2. For full details, please see the change log.

Please give us your feedback by leaving a comment and letting us know what you love or what you’d like to see in future updates. If you find any possible bugs or issues, please file a new issue on GitHub, create a new forum post, or simply contact our support team.

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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 50% off your first year.

Explore plans

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  1. Joseph says:

    Thanks for the update. Hope to see even more great update soon from the Coming Soon page. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Buck Lawrimore says:

    I love Jetpack but having the big green graphic in the way is not user-friendly. I want one page listing all Jetpack features in one click from the Jetpack link on the Dashboard. Please simplify the interface.


  3. Egill says:

    Reblogged this on Egill R. Erlendsson.


  4. lhilton760 says:

    I’m new to WordPress and using it to host my website which does not have a blog (yet). I have not yet activated the Jetpack plugin because I’m a little confused about what it does. Will it have a positive effect on the page load speed? Sorry for such a stupid question.


    • Richard Muscat says:

      Hi, Jetpack does a whole range of things that make working with your WordPress site easier.

      When you activate Jetpack you can turn on various features including:
      – Stats: showing you how many visitors you have and where they come from
      – Publicize: enabling you to automatically share posts on social media platforms
      – Photon: speeds up image delivery
      – Monitor: lets you know if your site is ever down

      There are quite a few more features which you can read about on the home page of


  5. Konstantin says:

    Nice new version! The cacheing update really helps me a lot, I’ve never used any cacheing systems on my WordPress site, because they were too unstable or too bulky. Now I can profit from a faster site.


  6. Dave Z says:

    How does Photon impact Google search results? For future features, would love if you guys offered a site map!


    • Richard A. says:

      Hi Dave! Photon shouldn’t affect Google search results, other than making your site load faster (which Google loves!). Do you have any concerns regarding Google and Photon?

      As for a site map, thanks for the suggestion! As it’s not something that’s offered on, and since Jetpack’s goal is to bring the power of to self-hosted sites, I don’t think that we’ll implement that. However, feel free to open an enhancement request for it (or any other ideas you have) right here:

      Thanks again!


  7. John Hamilton Farr says:

    I like the editor I have. All my sites are self-hosted. If I upgrade to Jetpack 3.2, will I lose that?

    I’ve looked at the editor. Not for me. Just need to know whether I can still upgrade Jetpack or whether I should just not bother.




    • Richard Muscat says:

      Hi John, upgrading Jetpack will not change your current editor. It is just an alternative.

      I’d still recommend upgrading. It’s worth staying on the latest version to make sure you have the latest bug fixes and speed improvements.


  8. sushubh says:

    Can you get the editor to remember the last blog instead of the top blog in its database? I know I can simply bookmark the direct link to the editor on individual blog, but an editor that prioritize blog listing based on how frequently you post on them would be nice. Thanks!


    • Richard Muscat says:

      Hi, I’ve passed your feedback on to the people working on the editor. The bookmark sounds like a good workaround for the time being 🙂


  9. Steven Zeegers says:

    Am I missing something obvious, or am I too impatient? I wanted to try posting from but it only lists my blogs. Is there something I should configure?


    • Jeremy says:

      You don’t need to configure anything. If you have Jetpack sites connected to your account, they’ll appear in the Editor.

      They will also appear on your list of sites here:

      If you don’t see them there, the sites are most likely hidden (you can hide and unhide sites here), or connected to a different account.

      If your Jetpack sites are connected to your account, and still don’t appear in the Editor or in your list of sites, send us an email, we’ll be happy to take a look!


  10. Adrienne Rice Adams says:

    Sorry to see the continued hustle of the editor. The BBB (“Beep Beep Boop”) editor has caused an enormous amount of strife and anxiety among users (see I personally despise the BBB editor and think it is an enormous step backwards. Many, many people use self-hosted WordPress for sites other than blogging, and this dumbed-down editor is a major fail. I realize it is an option for Jetpack users, but if it is auto-enabled like the other modules I see some real issues when people go to their editor and are whisked away to the BBB CandyLand interface.


    • Jeremy says:

      As mentioned in the thread you linked to, the classic editor is not going away. It’s also always going to be the default editor on your self-hosted WordPress sites. If you don’t like the new editor, you can ignore it and keep using the classic editor.

      If you have feedback about the BBB editor and have suggestions to make it better, do not hesitate to start a new thread in the support forums, as suggested in the thread you linked to earlier. Thanks!


      • Adrienne Rice Adams says:

        Thank you Jeremy.

        I have two concerns: one, will the new BBB module be auto-activated? And two, if it auto-activates, will users be presented with the nag to “switch to the improved editing experience” without a way to dismiss it (as is now on

        And yes, I have been posting my issues with the BBB editor at the forums.


      • Jeremy says:

        The editor is not a Jetpack module, you won’t find it anywhere in your self-hosted site’s dashboard. It’s only available on, and consequently doesn’t need to be activated or deactivated.

        Jetpack doesn’t add any notice to your self-hosted site’s dashboard suggesting you to try the editor either.

        Basically, the editor is only there on, you won’t find any mention of it in your self-hosted WordPress site, and if you’re not interested in using another editor, you can just not use the editor and keep using the editor on your self-hosted site’s dashboard.


  11. Edupil says:

    Jetpack is the backbone to every WordPress powered website. With this update my love to this plugin increases many folds. Related Posts and Photon addon did a fantastic job for speed improvement of my Education website Edupil.


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