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Jetpack 6.4: General Maintenance

Jetpack 6.4 is now available for download. This is another general maintenance release.

Here’s the short list of what’s new for this month:

Alignment fixes for Lazy Loading Images

Visitors with JavaScript disabled should experience proper alignment of images on your site when using the Lazy Loading Images feature.

Also, if you are using this feature with the WooCommerce plugin, there should no longer be any bugs with images after updating an item’s quantity in the shopping cart. shortcode added

We added a shortcode for embeds. Just paste an embed URL obtained on your score into the post body to get this working.

Simple Payment Widget updates

We added a warning for admin users when there are Simple Payment products published on pages/posts or as a Widget and the Simple Payment feature is disabled.

Additionally, users of a multi-site installation were experiencing fatal errors coming from the Simple Payment Widget if they deactivated Jetpack while running 6.3. We fixed that in this update.

Update to 6.4 today

As always, the full changelog has more details on this update. If you’re ready to update your site, install Jetpack or update your existing installation right now.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: Abidh Ahmed, Alex Kozack, Brandon Kraft, Corey McKrill, Daniel Walmsley, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, Fernando Espinosa, Filipe Varela, Garrett Hyder, Igor Zinovyev, Kerry Liu, Marin Atanasov, Michael Cain, Michael D Adams, Michael Turk, Mikael Korpela, Oscar Lopez, Rodrigo Iloro, Rolf Allard van Hagen, Sybre Waaijer, Weston Ruter, and Yaroslav Kukharuk.

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