Jetpack 8.6: show off your photography skills with these new blocks

This release is highlighted by the introduction of Jetpack Scan, which is highlighted in-depth here. It also introduces new blocks for photographers and more customization options for other popular blocks.

Latest Instagram Posts

Use the Latest Instagram Posts to display your most recent images from Instagram on your site. The block updates automatically when you post new images to Instagram.

Image Compare

Use the Image Compare block to place two images side by side (or above and below) and use a slider to reveal differences between the two images.

More customization options for the Form block and the Subscriptions block

We’ve also made improvements to two other blocks you may already be using on your site:

  • The Form block now gives you more options to quickly create a form that fits your needs.
  • You can now customize the entire Subscriptions block: text size, colors, borders, spacing, and alignment.

And more

As always, we’ve also made a lot of other improvements and bug fixes.

  • If you use the Carousel feature, you can now choose to display your images with or without a comment form.
  • We’ve made further changes to Jetpack’s inner workings to improve your site’s performance.
  • We continue to make changes to multiple Jetpack features so they can be used with the AMP plugin; this month we focused on shortcodes and widgets.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Aaron Robertshaw, Andy Peatling, Ben Dwyer, Bernie Reiter, Brandon Kraft, Brent Nef, Brett Shumaker, Caroline Moore, Chris R, Christopher Finke, Dan Roundhill, David Ryan, Derek Smart, Dion Hulse, Echo Gregor, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Gary Pendergast, Greg Ichneumon Brown, Hinaloe, Jacopo Tomasone, Jaroslav Polakovič, Jason Moon, Jeremy Herve, Joen A, Kim Brown, Lance Willett, Leo Germani, Marco Pereirinha, Marcus Kazmierczak, Marek Hrabe, Matt Geri, Matthew Denton, Michael P. Pfeiffer, Michael Kamp, Omar Villanueva, Oscar Lopez, Paul Bunkham, Peter Westwood, Robert Franklin, Ryan Kienstra, Scott Evans, Sergey Mitroshin, Weston Ruter, Yaroslav Kukharuk.

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  1. Gaurav Tiwari says:

    I want to import my Forminator forms and submissions to Jetpack forms. Is there any way to do so?


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      That’s currently not possible. That said, both Forminator and Jetpack forms can be exported to csv files. You could keep those files on your computer and view them with something like Microsoft Excel when needed.


  2. Gary says:

    Thank you for this update


  3. toptantakibijuteri says:

    Thanks for update dude.


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