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Share the Power of Jetpack: Join Our Affiliate Program!

As a developer, designer, or business professional, you probably recommend different tools to clients and colleagues every day. But what if there was a way to make money from your recommendations?

The affiliate program, which includes the Jetpack affiliate program, can help you do just that. Becoming a Jetpack affiliate is a great way to earn extra money through commissions while helping clients and site builders discover how Jetpack can improve their sites.

This post will explain what a Jetpack affiliate is, how the affiliate program works, and what benefits affiliates can expect to receive after signing up. Read on for more!

How the Jetpack affiliate program works

You may already be familiar with the concept of affiliate programs and how they can help you make money. In short: an affiliate is someone who gives product or service recommendations in exchange for a “referral fee” or commission, usually a percentage of the price the customer pays. So if you are an affiliate of Jetpack and your recommendation leads to a sale, you’ll receive a referral fee.

When you sign up for the Jetpack affiliate program, you’ll be given special links you can add to your site, email to clients, or even include on printed materials like business cards. Anyone who signs up for paid plans through one of your links will result in you earning commission automatically.

Jetpack affiliates also automatically become part of the WordPress affiliate program, which includes and WooCommerce. So, becoming a Jetpack affiliate makes you eligible to earn money if you prompt customers to purchase a paid Jetpack plan, as well as products including WooCommerce extensions or paid plans.

Our affiliate program includes, Jetpack, and WooCommerce — so you’re eligible to receive referral fees from all three sites.

Most experienced Jetpack users can become affiliates

Do you create plugins or themes? Are you a WordPress consultant? Do you run an agency that works with clients through WordPress?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re likely a good candidate for the Jetpack affiliate program. The program is geared towards experienced WordPress connoisseurs who use WordPress, Jetpack, and/or WooCommerce every day, either in their careers or personal lives.

If you’re a WordPress expert who speaks with other WordPress users on a regular basis — like at WordCamps, local meetups, or client visits — you’re probably a good fit for the Jetpack affiliate program.

The advantages of becoming a Jetpack affiliate

Let’s take a look at four major advantages of joining the affiliate program:

1. You’ll earn money with every sale

The biggest benefit of joining an affiliate program is the commission. The Jetpack affiliate program pays back 20% of first-year sales for each paying customer that does not cancel within 30 days. You can refer an unlimited number of users, so there’s really no limit to how much you can earn.

Also, joining the Jetpack affiliate program automatically makes you a part of the overall WordPress affiliate program, so you can make bonus commissions from customers who purchase plan upgrades or WooCommerce extensions.

2. Make money while you sleep

When you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be given referral links to put on your website or anywhere else you like. If visitors click those links and subsequently purchase Jetpack,, or WooCommerce products, you’ll earn a commission.

You don’t need to take any added steps once a customer clicks on your referral link, so you can even make money while you’re offline.

3. Jetpack will support you

We don’t want to make life difficult for you, or leave you with unanswered questions about how many customers you’ve referred. Our affiliates are given access to interactive and intuitive dashboards that contain program information, campaign statistics, referrals, and payments.

Take a look at the easy-to-use dashboard here:

Here’s the affiliate dashboard you’ll have access to once you sign up.


4. You’re helping your clients create and manage their sites

With the affiliate program, you’ll be making money, but you’ll also be helping your clients get their sites up and running quickly with a fast, user-friendly WordPress toolkit.

Once Jetpack is installed, you can show new users the ropes, explain the features they’ve paid for, and help them make changes to their sites. This will put them in the driver’s seat, setting them up for site success moving forward. It’ll also help them feel more confident about working with you, whether you’re their full-time developer or a freelancer lending a hand occasionally.

Become an affiliate today!

So, if you want to empower your clients and add some happy customer testimonials to your portfolio, introduce them to Jetpack… and get paid while you do it!

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you can learn more about the program and apply right here.

Already an affiliate? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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