Jetpack 2.2.1: Now with Extra Development Mode

Howdy Jetpackers,

We’ve put together a spring cleaning release for you today. A number of bugs have been fixed, which you can see in the changelog.

Of note is the new Development Mode in Jetpack. With this, features that do not require a connection to servers can be activated on a localhost WordPress installation for testing. This has been one of the most demanded features from developers; we are very happy to provide this first iteration today.

Turn on Development Mode right now by adding define( 'JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true); to your wp-config.php file.

Update: Alex Mills, the developer who added Development Mode, notes the following in the comments below:

A quick note: development mode automatically gets enabled if you don’t have a period in your site’s hostname, i.e. localhost. If you use a different URL, such as mycooltestsite.local or something, it is then that you will need to define the JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG constant.

Another note is the new filters for shortcodes and widgets. Jetpack loads a lot of shortcodes and widgets; until now, it was an all or nothing module. Now, you can filter the shortcodes and widgets that Jetpack loads with a mini-plugin of your own.

Use the new jetpack_shortcodes_to_include or jetpack_widgets_to_include and exclude the widgets or shortcodes that you do not want. Or include new ones!

We hope that you like the new Development Mode and other bug fixes work well for you. If you are in need of assistance, please get in touch with us on our support forums.

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  1. Alex Mills says:

    A quick note: development mode automatically gets enabled if you don’t have a period in your site’s hostname, i.e. localhost. If you use a different URL, such as mycooltestsite.local or something, it is then that you will need to define the JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG constant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeschinkel says:

      Nice. Any thoughts to consider automatic recognition of known non-routable extensions that a lot of devs use, like “.dev”, “.loc”, “.local”, etc. too? Something to consider…


  2. Ryan Cowles says:

    Awesome! Development Mode is a feature I’ve been looking forward to. Thanks for the update!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. swordnpen says:

    I’m glad to see you guys keeping jetpack up to date. Thanks for all the hard work, making my life easier.


  4. Brad Dalton (@wpsitesdotnet) says:

    Jetpack works locally now but the widgets do not.


  5. Alex Celeste says:

    Glad to see Jetpack is updated regularly to fix bugs and keep the features fresh. I have just one technical question regarding one of the bug fixes:
    “Bug Fix: Comments – Add in a wrapper div with id=’commentform'”: Does this mean we can now add code to our CSS files to style the comment form, and if so exactly how are we to refer to elements such as, especially, the h3 of the comment form? I’ve tried a few things but to no avail. If this bug fix doesn’t enable this then please give us a way to modify the look of the comment form in a future update.


    • Tim Moore says:

      No, this does not enable styling of the comment form. We are looking at ways to enable styling of this. Stay tuned!


  6. Scott Berkun says:

    Go Jetpack! Go!


  7. srubenstein says:

    So… tiled galleries dont work in Dev mode?


  8. Arley McBlain (@ArleyM) says:

    This is great! …Though with it activated I don’t see the Blog Subscription widget while in dev mode. Are there many things missing? Not sure what shortcode it generates for teh jetpack_widgets_to_include function either.


    • Tim Moore says:

      We are looking at the widget issue.

      For jetpack_widgets_to_include, this doesn’t generate a shortcode. You’d instead write your own function, either in a plugin or your theme’s functions.php, that would filter the list. Here’s some example code for you:

      In that example, the first function is a way to find out what widgets are currently ready to load, the second is a way to remove a widget from loading.


  9. Patrick Samphire says:

    This is great, obviously, but am I right that we still don’t have access to things like the Subscriptions widget? I realise that these can’t be made functional in dev mode, but being able to at least insert the widgets into a local environment, even if they didn’t actually connect would be incredibly useful. Otherwise it’s pretty difficult to style and test on the front end. Any chance of this in the future?


  10. Terence Milbourn says:

    A) Thanks for thinking about other developers.
    B) What is the point of having a development mode if you can’t start the widgets etc, in sandbox mode, and edit the commenting system CSS, for example?



    • Tim Moore says:

      Terence, the comment system CSS is a complex one and, in development mode, wouldn’t be able to be worked on (it requires the connection). It is complex in that it loads through an iFrame, so we need to test and deploy some code to detect styling to pass to the site hosting the iFrame. There are page load speed and security considerations at each step. We are just taking our time to make sure we do it right, once we put code like this into Jetpack.

      For the widgets, I need to look into that. I’ll get back to you soon and let you know.


  11. Debesh says:

    The moment I upgraded to this, Jetpack stopped working and I am now getting this message:

    Downloading install package from…
    Unpacking the package…
    Destination folder already exists. /home/debesqku/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/
    Plugin install failed.

    All other plugins have been disabled, but Jetpack isn’t installing and the older version of course isn’t seen!!!


    • Tim Moore says:

      You’ll need to log in via FTP and delete the wp-content/plugins/jetpack folder, then try to reinstall Jetpack.


  12. virendrachandak says:

    It seems the audio shortcode is broken now. I posted some details in the support thread.

    May be the issue has to do with some change related to flash that did. this link has more details:


  13. patthemav says:

    Been using Jetpack for some revisions now, but I feel some features are quite limited especially with regards to self-hosted blogs (which enjoy much more customizable settings as wordpress-hosted blogs).

    Personally I’m struggling with Photon not allowing cache invalidations (so I’ve disabled it for now) and the next culprit is carousel – it’s not even compatible with Jetpack’s own “Jetpack comments”.

    It’s using a default comment form and lots of AJAX calls (Jetpack comments are keeping most of the spam out due to being loaded in an iframe). With another comment system in place (e.g. Disqus which is also being used on attachment pages), you can’t even disable the comment form in carousel to avoid several comment systems being active on the site.

    So it would be awesome to have either a) the possibility to switch off commenting in the carousel (which would limit me to Disqus comments on the attachment page) or b) the ability to load whatever comment form would be displayed in the default template.


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