Looking Back at Jetpack in 2017 – and Forward to 2018

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2017 has been an incredibly productive year for Jetpack. Tons of discussions, user feedback, and hard work have resulted in updates and new features that make your sites even faster, safer, and more engaging. These features also set the groundwork for exciting developments in 2018.

Here are some of the highlights of the year worth looking at again, plus what we’re looking forward to in the next twelve months.

Twelve releases packed full of new features

This year, we shipped twelve major releases of Jetpack — one a month, like clockwork — with dozens of improvements and new tools.

Redesigns and rebuilds

This year, we rebuilt VideoPress from the ground up, did a major overhaul of the settings interface, and redesigned the hugely popular contact form.


A full settings redesign makes Jetpack more intuitive for everyone.

Brand new services

We made more than a hundred free WordPress themes available to every Jetpack site. We also added unlimited premium themes for folks running Jetpack Professional.

We also launched social media scheduling, a beta version of Elasticsearch-powered search, and added monetization tools like PayPal payments and high-quality ads.


Now you can earn money from your site with ads.

Easily add our new Jetpack Simple Payments button to earn money selling your products.

Simplifications and integrations

Google Analytics integration is now a breeze for Professional plan customers, and we now also accept PayPal for plan purchases. We also introduced full support for Android users on the WordPress.com app.

And finally, the past couple of months have brought full WordPress 4.9 compatibility, plus ecommerce tracking for WooCommerce users.

Engineering happiness around the world

Our commitment to high quality support continued in 2017. A few stats we’d like to share:

  • Our team now includes 33 Happiness Engineers in timezones around the globe to provide better coverage and service.
  • We introduced live chat for Jetpack customers for fast, in-the-moment help.
  • Professional plan customers now enjoy concierge service — a face-to-face session to guide you through setup and answer questions.
Some of the Jetpack Happiness Engineers

Some of our wonderful Jetpack Happiness Engineers standing by to lend a hand.

On top of this fantastic effort by our Happiness Engineers, we’re proud to mention that our automated services are still going strong, too. In fact, Jetpack has now blocked a total of 50 billion malicious login attempts by bots and spammers.

Our global community: events, affiliates, and contributors

We were once again sponsors for WordCamps all over the world. Jetpack had well-staffed booths at major events including WordCamp London, WCEU, WordCamp Nashik, and WCUS.

We also proudly sponsored Post Status Publish (Atlanta), YoastCon (Nijmegen), CloudBazaar (Mumbai), and attended World Hosting Days in Germany.

a map of jetpack sponsored events throughout 2017

Jetpack sponsored and attended events around the world throughout 2017.

In March, we launched our affiliate program which enables anyone writing about or working with WordPress to refer others to Jetpack plans and share in the revenue.

We’re also working closely with hosting companies to bring our unique knowledge of WordPress best practices to the global WordPress community.

Finally, we’re incredibly grateful to the 40 community members who have directly contributed code to Jetpack’s open source project on GitHub. A round of applause for:

Ajk Palikuqi, Alexandru Bucur, Andrew Munro, Adrien Missemer, Bartek Wilczek, Benyamin Shoham, Brandon Hubbard, Christian Wach, Crystal Barton, Daniel Swiatek, David Page, Devin Samarin, Gagan Deep Singh, Ignacio Cruz Moreno, Jacob Morrison, James Fraser, Jared Wenerd, Jason Caldwell, Jason Day, Jason Stallings, Jose Jaureguiberry, Kaspars Dambis, Kurtis Rader, Mark Samman, Michael Torbert, Neil Hainsworth, Patrick Rauland, Peter J. Herrel, Richard Gunning, Ross Wintle, Ryan Kanner, Shahul Hameed, Stanimir Stoyanov, Stephen Edgar, Stuart Dum, Takuya Matsuyama, Umang Vaghela, Weston Ruter, Wibowo Sulistio, and Yoga Sukma.

An iteration of a well-loved brand

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed our logo looks different! It’s not a redesign, but more of an iteration.

The new Jetpack logo

The Jetpack logotype (that is, the typeface within the logo) is now in sentence case and is cleaner and easier to read. The icon, meanwhile, has sharper lines that play well with the new font and highlight our commitment to helping you create sleek sites.

You may also have noticed that our site looks a little different. We now have lighter, fresher colors, brand new illustrations, and a product tour that better explains Jetpack’s benefits.

A look at the new Jetpack.com

A look at the new Jetpack.com.

Howdy, 2018

The really exciting part is that 2017 was just us getting started.

Our 2018 plans include hiring more developers and happiness engineers. So if you’d like to work on great products with smart people from anywhere in the world, send us your application! We’d love to hear from you.

We also have some improvements and new features coming that we’re really proud of and excited about sharing with you. We’ll announce the juicy details in February. In the meantime we’ll say that you should be on the lookout for a completely revamped security suite, brand new performance services, and Elasticsearch coming out of beta.

See you next year!

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Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

Explore plans

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  1. pitbul says:

    nice post

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  2. normlawr says:

    Thanks for all you do. I have had BruteProtect on my site as a separate plugin, yet I “think” this is built into Jetpack? Should I deactivate the separate plugin? I’m concerned that it might not be updated, etc.

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  3. T.M. Schultze says:

    Thank you for keeping Jetpack going, it is indispensable.

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  4. cesarlopezcorral says:

    Thanks for yours works

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  5. monte says:

    Great job, I love Jetpack

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  6. normlawr says:

    Actually, the IP Addresses were saved in Chrome but for some reason, could not see them in Firefox.

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  7. yosuga says:

    Thanks for your works

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  8. Heroes Evolved says:

    Thanks jetpack! You’re awesome! Installed on all my wordpress site 😉

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  9. Celestial B Purposed says:

    Awesome job jetpack. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2918.

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  10. SJ Beli says:

    Thankful for WordPress, Automattic, Jetpack… the entire ‘full-stack’ of related minds here behind all of this continued development. Where WOULD we be without it!? It’s peace of mind security mixed with beauty. You’re all amazing. I hople to continue to learn a fraction of some of it – with the goal of becoming a better front-end (and perhaps full-stack) developer. So much to learn – and feeling secure about it, helps. You spread the love… thx for that too!

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  11. Nusagates says:

    Great. Jetpack is the best plugin i used.

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  12. AlzheimerUniversal says:

    Gracias por el trabajo que hacéis. Sois increíbles! 💜

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  13. Arun Sathiya says:

    Thank you, Jetpack, for existing and making my WordPress experience better. Looking forward to everything you have for us in 2018!

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  14. Vilmis says:

    Good job! I hope one day I will need only one plugin on my sites – jetpack 🙂

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  15. Rui Silva says:

    Great job! Your work is fantastic. I’m a Jetpack user and I love it. By the way, is it possible to export all Jetpack stats to an Excel file (*.xls)?
    Greetings from Portugal.

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  16. alexandrakun01 says:

    Thank you for all the great stuff. Have a good start in 2018!

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  17. David Adamcik says:

    Jetpack is my favourite plugin and must to have on every web page. I wish you all the best for 2018 and I am very excited about all new upgrades which will be done in a future 🙂

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  18. Admins says:

    Thanks Team. You’re doing wonderful work up there.

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  19. Pierre France says:

    Nice but all e-mails sent automatically to the audience (like sharing, subscribing…) are still english-only, non editables and un-translatables… Huge problem for any professionnal website.


    • Adam says:


      Jetpack should send emails in the same language you have set for your site (under Settings > General). There is an exception though: if an email is sent to a WordPress.com user, we already know their language preference from their settings, so we use that language instead.

      There are also certain bugs in this process, like this one:


      … which I see you’ve already commented on. 🙂


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