#SmallBusinessWeek Day 2: Spotlight on Affordability and ROI

As part of our #SmallBusinessWeek celebration, today the spotlight is on how Jetpack’s services — including the free ones — help keep your costs under control and free up your time.

What Does a Website Really Cost?

You already know the basics: you’ve paid for a domain name and web-hosting. And if you’re not using our free WordPress themes, you’ve probably paid for a theme as well.

But there’s more:

  • If your website traffic spikes (yay!) you might unexpectedly end up paying your hosting provider more money to allow for the additional load (boo).
  • Even the most basic of websites needs maintenance. At a minimum, plugins will require updating to make sure you’re covered against security breaches.
  • Just like a physical shop, as soon as your website is online you are a potential target for hackers and spammers. Should they be successful, cleaning or restoring your site can be, to put it mildly, challenging.

If you do end up requiring someone to help you will also incur expenses there but, the elephant in the room is always time.

Automattic Grand Meetup 2016

The Jetpack Advantage

Installing Jetpack on your site helps you be in control of your time and expenses and, ultimately, allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business not your site.

These are the benefits you will experience:

  1. No unexpected traffic costs.
    Jetpack hosts your images and photos (free) and optionally your videos (paid). This means that if your site suddenly experiences a spike in traffic, your host is bypassed and you will not incur additional costs for the extra bandwidth you use up.
  2. Automated updates (and fewer plugins in the first place).
    You can set up Jetpack so that it automatically updates your installed plugins (including itself!) without you having to ever lift a finger. Because Jetpack bundles so much functionality, you will also most likely have fewer plugins to worry about.
  3. Protection from spam, data loss, hacks, and attacks.
    Jetpack protects you from brute force attacks (free) and monitors your site for downtime (free). Starting from just $39 per year you also get spam-filtering, automatic site backups, and priority support. A small upfront cost (less than 11 cents a day) that will bear fruit if you ever (don’t) need to pay a professional to restore your site.
  4. Expert support.
    All Jetpack users, free or paid, are able to get in touch with our support staff to receive assistance with any of the Jetpack features. Paid customers receive priority support for much faster resolution.

Bonus: Exclusive Discount

Just for this #SmallBusinessWeek, in celebration of all the small businesses that keep the world turning, we’re offering a 20% one-time discount on all our paid subscriptions.

Just use the code SMALLBIZ at checkout.

And of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Next Steps: Compare plans and choose the right one for your site.

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