When I try to connect to WordPress.com during Jetpack setup, I get an error or it takes forever and nothing happens. What’s wrong?

There can be several reasons the connection doesn’t happen successfully. A slow connection or intermittent internet issues can cause problems, and there is no harm in waiting a few minutes and trying again.

Depending on your host, there can be issues related to how their servers are configured that prevent Jetpack from setting up properly. You should contact your host as they might have a workaround.

There are known issues with the W3 Total Cache’s plugin, used by HostGator and other hosting providers. We recommend temporarily turning Total Cache’s ‚Object Cache‘ off, connecting Jetpack, turning the object cache back on, and then clearing the object cache.

I have a firewall or proxy on my web server. Can you provide me with IP addresses to whitelist?

We aren’t able to provide any IP addresses for Jetpack as they fluctuate. You could try whitelisting *.wordpress.com for both inbound and outbound traffic, as a workaround.

My stats are mixed up or got combined with another site. Can you separate them for me?

We do not offer a way to separate site stats if they get combined. Please do get in touch with us, though, and we will help ensure that your stats remain separated in the future. When you contact us, provide the output generated by clicking the Debug link in the footer of the Jetpack menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

Can I install Jetpack in my language?

Once you have installed WordPress in your own language, Jetpack will automatically switch to your language if a translation file is available.

If you find untranslated strings, you can help by suggesting new translations here. All you need is a WordPress.com account to log in to GlotPress, our translation engine.

GlotPress validators will have a look at your suggestions, and approve or change them if necessary. Once your translations have been approved, they will be included in the next Jetpack release.

I found a missing translation, but I can’t find the string in GlotPress

Some Jetpack modules, like Comments or Likes, are hosted on WordPress.com. Thus, you will have to look in the WordPress.com GlotPress project to find the strings to translate.

If you have more questions about Jetpack translations, do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks a lot for helping us fly Jetpack around the world!

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