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Caldwell: Home

Caldwell is a clean, straightforward theme for the discerning small business. Large featured images and homepage featured-content blocks help you highlight what makes your company unique.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Caldwell is perfect for the company or organization that wants to quickly establish an online presence, from wineries and vineyards, to law firms, gyms and fitness clubs, or even construction companies.

Stand Out with Featured Images

Caldwell: Featured Images

Large Featured Images (we recommend 1600×600) at the top of posts and pages help you brand your site and make it unique.

Featured Content

Caldwell: Featured Content

Caldwell uses up to four Featured Content blocks on the homepage: one large block that spans the full width of the browser, and three smaller blocks below. Setting a featured image on the homepage displays the image instead of the large featured content block.

Get Widgetized

Caldwell: Widgetized

Caldwell includes two widget areas: a Main Sidebar widget area and a Footer widget area. The main sidebar area displays on the right side of any page using the default page template. The footer widget area appears at the bottom of every page and displays widgets in a three-column grid.

Page Templates Offer Countless Possibilities

Caldwell: Page templates

Choosing between several Page Templates — default, no sidebar, full-width, and grid page — allows countless possibilities for structuring and presenting content.

Unique Submenu Layouts

Caldwell can display submenu navigation in two different ways: dropdown or navbar. By default, the submenus will display as dropdown menus from their parent menu item in the Primary navigation.

Caldwell: Docs: Dropdown Submenu

Alternatively, submenus can display as a navbar which displays below the the site header area.

Caldwell: Docs: Navbar Submenu

Make It Your Own

Caldwell: Customize

Use the Customizer to easily update your site title and add a logo. The logo works best if uploaded as a square image, making it well-suited for avatars and icons. Take your personalization a step further and choose a custom color for your header and links.


Caldwell: Responsive

Caldwell is fully responsive, allowing visitors to access to your site on any device, from mobile to desktop.

Caldwell includes the following features:

Quick Specs (all width measurements in pixels)

  • The featured image has a maximum size of 1600x600.
  • The first featured content article has a maximum size of 1600x600.
  • The smaller featured content articles have a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • The main content width for full width pages is 1100.
  • The main content width is 720.
  • The main sidebar width is 220.
  • The footer widget column maximum width is 340.

Using Caldwell On Your Site

This theme is only available to sites running Jetpack Professional. Purchasing Jetpack Professional gives you access to this theme and 200 others, as well as advanced security and WordPress services.

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