Intergalactic 2

A free WordPress theme by Jetpack

(Intergalactic 2 is a refreshed version of  Intergalactic, with more features and added flexibility.)

Intergalactic is a stunning option for your personal blog. Bold featured images act as the backdrop to your text, giving you a high-contrast, readable theme that’s perfect for making your content pop. The one-column layout provides a distraction-free environment for reading, while the slide-out menu keeps your navigation and secondary content readily accessible.

Intergalactic 2 Responsive WordPress Theme

Featured Images

Intergalactic 2 supports Featured Images on the blog, and on posts and pages.

Featured Image on the blog.

Featured Image on the blog.

On the blog, Featured Images are displayed as a background behind the post title and excerpt.

Featured Image on a single post.

Featured Image on a single post.

On single posts and pages, Featured Images are displayed in the header area as a background to the post or page title.

Site Logo

Intergalactic 2 includes support for a Site Logo, which appears in the header above the site title at a maximum of 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall on the blog and archives, and a maximum of 250 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall on single posts and pages.

Site title and logo on blog and archives

Site title and logo on blog and archives.

Site title and logo on single posts and pages

Site title and logo on single posts and pages.

Custom Menus

Intergalactic 2 supports a slide-out menu for your site’s main navigation with a Social Links menu below it.

Navigation and social links menu

Navigation and social links menu.

Linking to any of the following sites will automatically display its icon in your menu:

  • CodePen
  • Digg
  • Dribbble
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • GitHub
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Email (mailto: links)
  • Pinterest
  • Pocket
  • Polldaddy
  • Reddit
  • RSS Feed (urls with /feed/)
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • WordPress
  • YouTube


Intergalactic 2 includes four widget areas: one optional Slide-Out Sidebar underneath the main menu, and three Footer areas for your widgets.

Slide-out sidebar

Slide-out sidebar.

Footer widgets

Footer widgets.

Custom Header

The Custom Header in Intergalactic 2, if set, is displayed as a background to the site title or post/page title in lieu of a Featured Image.

Custom Header on the blog.

Custom Header on the blog.

On posts and pages, the image will fill the height of the screen, which might cause the edges to be cropped based on the image’s dimensions. The image will be cropped for small screens to fit the available space, which means not all of the header image will be visible on all screen sizes, so decorative background images will work best. Please start with an image that’s at least 1440 pixels wide by 460 pixels high.

Intergalactic 2 also supports the following features:

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The main column width is 660.
  2. The slide-out sidebar width is 530.
  3. Large images and videos have a width of 1000.

Using Intergalactic 2 On Your Site

This theme is free to use on any WordPress site running Jetpack.

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