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Jason is a colorful theme designed for publishers of all kind. Whether you’re keeping a straightforward journal of your travels or publishing an photo-heavy scrapbook, Jason makes it easy to showcase your latest news, interesting finds, and long-form writing — or to create collection of photos, videos, and quotes.


Clean Design, Happy Readers


Jason’s smart grid layout, strong use of white space, and sprinkling of colors ably handles a wide variety of content — from posts to pictures to links to quotes — and keeps it lively but readable.


Mobile-Ready and Responsive


Jason displays your carefully chosen imagery and other content beautifully, no matter which device your visitors happen to use.

Custom Archive Page and Search Results


Jason features a custom archive page that displays your latest posts, and lets visitors sort posts by month, tag, and category. This acts as a kind a sitemap, offering your readers extra ways to explore your content.

Social Icons

Jason lets you feature your social media accounts using a custom menu. You can quickly add your social links to the left side of the floating toolbar.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The main column has a maximum width of 1070, the post content being limited to 790.
  2. The sidebar width is 300.
  3. Full Width Images should be at least 1070 wide.

Using Jason On Your Site

This theme is only available to sites running Jetpack Professional. Purchasing Jetpack Professional gives you access to this theme and 200 others, as well as advanced security and WordPress services.

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