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Moka is a minimal blog and magazine theme with an elegant, clean & fresh responsive design. You can use Moka as a simple and pure blog theme or you can create a custom front page with a featured sticky post or a featured post slider, a number of recent posts and lots of beautiful custom front page widgets.

Create your Custom Front Page

The Moka theme offers you two custom front page options. You can choose to feature a big sticky post at the top of your front page or a featured post slider. Next to the featured post options and a number of recent posts with thumbnails (you can choose between 3,6 or 9 recent posts) you can also create beautiful custom Moka front page widgets to make your blog even more personal and unique.

Beautiful Moka Front Page Widgets

After setting up your new front page you can add custom front page widgets like an About widget with an About image, a Quote widget with big typography, multi-column Recent Post widgets featuring your posts filtered by categories or custom designed tag/category clouds to your front page.

Moka Front Page Widgets and Search Form.

Moka quote widget and 3-column footer widget area.
Quote Widget, a front page tagcloud and the Footer Widget Area.

Lots of flexible Theme Features

Besides the front page feature, Moka also comes with a pure and clean blog template, an Archives page template, a Full width page template, a 3-column footer widget area and a social links footer widget area. You can also choose to make the left sidebar fixed positioned on wider screens and add a logo image instead of the default site title.

The default Moka blog layout with a Custom Logo image.

Ready for Mobile Devices

The Moka theme design is responsive and prepared to adapt smoothly to different screen sizes, so that your content will be easy to read and look beautiful on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large desktop screens.

Mokas responsive layout adapts to different screen sizes.

Customize Moka even Further

With the Customizer you can customize Moka very easily and for instance change the number of recent posts on your front page, make the sidebar fixed positioned (on wider screens only) or choose a custom menu for your main navigation.

Moka also supports Custom Backgrounds, making it easy to use a light color or an image of your choice as the background of your site. And of course you can also add your own logo image instead of using the default site title, by uploading your logo image (max. width 200px) to the Custom Header. For further options like Custom CSS, font changes and more custom color options you can buy the Custom Design upgrade.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The standard content width for Posts and Pages is 720.
  2. Standard post featured images should be at least 720 and max. 1070.
  3. Featured images for sticky posts should have a width of 1070.
  4. Featured images of posts featured in the slider should be 1070 x 600.
  5. Max. width of logo image: 200.

Using Moka On Your Site

This theme is only available to sites running Jetpack Professional. Purchasing Jetpack Professional gives you access to this theme and 200 others, as well as advanced security and WordPress services.

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