Twenty Twenty-Two (Pink)

A free WordPress theme by Jetpack

Built on a solidly designed foundation, Twenty Twenty-Two (Pink) embraces the idea that everyone deserves a truly unique website. The theme’s subtle styles are inspired by the diversity and versatility of birds: its typography is lightweight yet strong and its layout elements sit gently on the page.

The true richness of Twenty Twenty-Two (Pink) lies in its opportunity for customization. Colors, typography, and the layout of every single page on your site can be customized to suit your vision. It also includes dozens of block patterns, opening the door to a wide range of professionally designed layouts in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re building a single-page website, a blog, a business website, or a portfolio, Twenty Twenty-Two (Pink) will help you create a site that is uniquely yours.

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Editing your site content

All the content on your homepage (and throughout your site) is managed through the WordPress Block Editor and can be edited and customized as you see fit!

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Using Twenty Twenty-Two (Pink) On Your Site

This theme is free to use on any WordPress site running Jetpack.

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