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With a subdued, contemporary aesthetic, Veni is made to be multi-functional — so you can blog to your heart’s content and create a stunning online portfolio to showcase your work.

Two Ways to Showcase Featured Content

Veni uses a slider to highlight your best posts. Set the slider to full-screen and your beautiful image and catchy headline go edge-to-edge. Choose a smaller slider, and it displays your article’s headline, short text, and featured image. The choice is yours!

Grab Attention With Featured Pages

Right beneath the slider, you’ll find featured pages. Choose up to three pages to display here, and Veni will automatically adjust its grid and columns to fit the number of pages you picked. This is a great way to bring attention to key information, like About pages or tutorials.

Two Ways to Navigate

Pick between two ways of displaying navigation links. One menu fits neatly beneath your logo and is perfectly aligned to the center of the page, while the other menu pushes your logo to the left and neatly tucks the links to the right.

Flexible Layout Options

The homepage layout comes with a few options: display your posts in a regular grid where each post has the same amount of space, or opt for a Pinterest-style interlocking grid. You can also toggle the sidebar on or off on each post.

The interlocking grid layout uses three columns without the sidebar, or two columns with a sidebar.

Go Horizontal or Vertical

Upload images of any orientation, and Veni automatically adapts its layout to your images. Use horizontal or vertical images — both will fit perfectly within your posts.

Made to be Responsive

Veni is a fully modern theme and is completely responsive — that means it will look great on any screen. From smartphones to large desktop screens, Veni will look flawless.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

  1. The Page and Post content width is 800.
  2. The widget area width is 300.
  3. Featured Images for full-screen slider should be at least 1805 wide.
  4. When displayed in one column – standard layout, blog posts are 800 wide.
  5. When displayed in three columns – interlocking masonry-grid layout, blog posts are 360 wide.

Using Veni On Your Site

This theme is only available to sites running Jetpack Professional. Purchasing Jetpack Professional gives you access to this theme and 200 others, as well as advanced security and WordPress services.

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