Jetpack Agency Beta Instructions

Thank you for taking the time to test the Jetpack Agency / Partner Portal. Please follow the instructions below to add new licenses to your Jetpack sites. If you run into trouble please reach out to the team via Slack or contact Jesse Friedman at

1. Make sure you’re running Jetpack 9.6 or higher

Jetpack 9.6 or higher is required and needs to be connected/operating to be able to use licenses. You can make sure you’re running the latest plugins by going to your website’s wp-admin -> plugins -> scroll to Jetpack.

2. Log in to the Jetpack Partner Portal

Head over to and sign in with the / Jetpack account you provided for the beta program. Once you’re logged in you’ll have the ability to manage all your connected Jetpack sites. At the top of the page you’ll see a nav item labeled “Partner Portal”, this will take you to the licensing area.

Once you agree and proceed you’ll be asked to select your testing or production key. The testing key is really only used for people who are testing bulk distribution (dozens or hundreds of licenses at a time), so you’ll likely want to start with the Production Key.

3. Issue a new license

Once you’re in the Partner Portal you’ll see a summary of your issued licenses and your next estimated bill. If you click “Licenses” on the left you’ll be able to issue and revoke licenses.

Click the “Issue a New License” button at the top right

As you can see, I’ve selected “Jetpack Security Daily”. You can choose from all of our Jetpack Products but please be aware Jetpack Personal, Premium, and Professional are legacy plans and will be removed shortly. Once you click “Issue License” you will be given a new license you can assign to a Jetpack connected site.

4. Preparing your site to receive the license

In the near future we will have a way for you to select your connected sites right from the portal. This will give you the ability to issue and assign licenses in the same moment. Until then you need to copy and paste the license key into your site or use a CLI command to assign the license.

Copy + Paste Method

In order to copy and paste we need to turn on a Jetpack setting allowing you access to the license section of Jetpack. This is temporary and we apologize for this hoop you have to jump through.

If you’re familiar with writing code for WordPress you can just add this line to your plugin or theme on the site:

add_filter( 'jetpack_licensing_ui_enabled', '__return_true' );

If you don’t write custom code or don’t want to bother your developer there is a simple solution.

  1. In the wp-admin go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for “Snippets” and add and activate the Code Snippets plugin by Code Snippets Pro
  3. In the main nav of the wp-admin go to Snippets -> Add New
  4. Paste the line of code above into a new Snippet and click “Save Changes and Activate”

CLI Method

If you’re familiar with CLI you can use the following command to add the license to your site.

5. Assigning the license

Copy and paste method

Now that you’ve added the Jetpack license filter you will see a new section appear in the Jetpack -> My Plans page. This will allow you to copy and paste the license key into a form field. Go back to the portal and find your unassigned license. Click “Copy License” or open the license and click the “clipboard icon” next to the license.

Head back to your Jetpack site and go to Jetpack -> My Plan and paste the license into the license field:

Once you click “Apply License” your site will have the new license assigned and your Jetpack features will start working.

CLI Method

If you’re familiar with CLI you can use the following command to add the license to your site.

wp option update jetpack_licenses '["jetpack-backup-daily_LICENSE_NUMBERS"]' --format=json

You’ll be replacing “jetpack-backup-daily_LICENSE_NUMBERS” with the actual license you were issued in the portal.

Check on your license

Once you’ve assigned the license you can return to the portal and click “Assigned Licenses”. Your recently unassigned license will be reclassified as “Assigned” and the site URL will appear next to the license.

You’ll also see the license in the “My Plan” section of the Jetpack dashboard:

5. Revoking the license

If your site no longer needs the license or there was a mistake you can always revoke the license. Click on the license you want to revoke and press the “Revoke” button. You’ll be asked if you’re sure, if you are, press “Revoke License” and the license will be removed from the site and you’ll no longer be billed for the license going forward.

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