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If your site’s doing well — or your business is — Jetpack Premium is your ideal upgrade to ensure you’re always online, secure, and firing on all cylinders.

While data loss, hacks, accidental damage, and malicious infiltrations are a reality every site owner needs to be aware of, with Jetpack Premium you can rest easy.

We have your back with automated backups, malware scanning, one-click restores or migrations, and expert priority support. In addition you get pre-approval to our ad program and 13Gb of high-speed video hosting.

Jetpack Premium is ideal for:

  • Small business sites
  • Business and personal blogs
  • News, magazine, and content-heavy sites
  • Ecommerce and retail sites
  • Any WordPress site you care about

WordPress Security and More…

All Jetpack Premium customers immediately benefit from:

  • Expert Support
    Fast, priority support for any WordPress security issue.
  • Unlimited Backups
    Automated backups of your entire site with no storage limit.
  • Restores & Migrations
    Restore or migrate your site from a backup with one click.
  • Malware Scanning
    Automated scans of all your code for hacks, malware, and intrusions.
  • Fast Video Hosting
    13Gb of fast, high-quality, ad-free video streaming.
  • Ad Program
    Pre-approval to our high-quality ad program.
  • Traffic Growth
    Automatically re-share existing posts to social media.



    Thousands of WordPress professionals trust us because we know WordPress security inside out.

  • @clivewalker

    “Impressive. Restored WP site using [Jetpack]. Absolutely no problems w/ change of database/server. Site looks perfect. Great stuff!”


    If you’re dissatisfied with our service FOR ANY REASON AT ALL we will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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