Protection From Data Loss and Hacks

Prevention is always the cheapest cure.

Even with the best laid plans…

Tonight we completed a website theme upgrade that had taken the better part of a week to fine tune. Our website is a business that employs several [people] and does very well. At 9pm, we followed instructions of the new theme update to import sample data.

What the update never told us was that it created a new website on top of ours, imported dozens of pictures and pages, and went live immediately. To provide just a bit of what we endured, each of our 23 automatic social sites (FB/Delicious/Twitter etc) had to have all the new postings pulled off as they auto-posted to all.

Next, Google picks up our content within 3 seconds of posting. Google realized something was wrong and dropped us from rankings within 10 minutes. We went from hundreds of visitors at any one time to 8-9 within minutes. Long story short, we used your website restore for the first time and it worked quickly and perfectly. What little we have invested doesn’t compare to its value tonight alone.


Submitted by flamenko.

…you need a backup plan:

  • Plugin and theme updates can take down your site
  • Your host might experience an outage or be hacked
  • Your login details could be compromised
  • A malicious attack could be successful

The best way of not worrying about these things is to have regular, automated, and verified backups in place.

Security Essentials

JETPACK FREE users immediately benefit from:

  • Brute Force Attack Protection
    Automatically block malicious login attempts.
  • Downtime Monitoring
    We check your site every 2 minutes.
  • Single Sign On
    Login with secure accounts.
  • Secure Authentication
    Optionally require two-factor authentication.

JETPACK PERSONAL customers immediately benefit from:

  • Automated Backups
    Entire site backups with unlimited storage.
  • Restores & Migrations
    Restore or migrate with one click.
  • Expert Support
    Fast, priority support for any security issue.
  • Spam Protection
    Automatic suppression of unwelcome spam.

JETPACK PREMIUM customers also get:

  • Malware Scanning
    Full backup of your entire site with unlimited storage space.
  • More features
    Unlimited video hosting, ad program approval, SEO tools, and automated re-sharing.

Still Undecided?


    Thousands of WordPress professionals trust us because we know WordPress security inside out.

  • @clivewalker

    “Impressive. Restored WP site using [Jetpack]. Absolutely no problems w/ change of database/server. Site looks perfect. Great stuff!”


    If you’re dissatisfied with our service FOR ANY REASON AT ALL we will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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Jetpack Personal is the most affordable comprehensive security solution for WordPress sites. At just $39 per year you get automated backups with unlimited storage space and expert, priority support.

For sites that need more, Jetpack Premium, at just $99 per year, adds automated security scanning for malware, vulnerabilities, and rogue code.

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