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Adding IONOS Server Credentials in the Jetpack Plugin

This guide is for websites hosted with IONOS. For other hosts, please refer to this guide.

Jetpack Backup will start to back up your site as soon as you purchase the product, provided Jetpack’s connection is working normally. For more efficient backups, we recommend adding SFTP credentials in your Jetpack settings. We will also need credentials if you need to restore your site, so it helps to have them ready before you need them.

The steps below explain exactly how to find your SFTP credentials in your IONOS account and enter them in your dashboard.

Find Your Credentials

To find your SFTP credentials:

  1. Log into your IONOS account at and click on Hosting.
  1. Under SFTP and SSH, click Manage. Here you can see your main FTP user (along with any other FTP users you have added).
  1. Click on the username.
  1. This is where you can find most of the information that Jetpack needs, including the server address, port number, and username. For security reasons, the password cannot be viewed. Initially, the password will be the same as your IONOS account password. If you want to change it to something different, you can click the arrow on the right and enter a new password.
  1. The last thing you need is the ‘WordPress installation path’. This is the folder on your server where your site’s WordPress files are located. You can find this by returning to your main IONOS dashboard and clicking on Use Webspace.
  1. Then expand the folders within clicksandbuilds until you find the folder containing the wp-admin folder. You can then see the WordPress installation path at the top of the page.

Add Your Credentials to Jetpack

Now that you have all the information you need, you add it to your Jetpack Backup settings:

  1. In your site’s wp-admin, go to Jetpack > Dashboard, and click Enter Credentials under the Backup section.
  1. On the next screen, click I have my server credentials.
  1. Enter your server credentials in the form on the page as shown below, and click Test and save credentials.

Jetpack will test your credentials, and assuming all the tests pass, you’ll see check marks next to each test, as shown:

That’s it, you’re all set, and ready to restore your site at a moment’s notice if needed.

Contact Support

If you have any trouble with the process outlined above, Feel free to contact support and our Happiness Engineers will be happy to assist.

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