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Markdown Block

With the Markdown block, you can create formatted content using only regular characters and some punctuation marks. 

Markdown is used by writers and bloggers who want a quick and easy way to write formatted text without having to take their hands off the keyboard and without learning a lot of complicated codes and shortcuts.

If Jetpack is enabled but is not using the WordPress block editor, you can find instructions on adding Markdown on the Classic editor here


The Markdown block is enabled by default when you set up Jetpack.

Since it is a block only, it remains available even if you disable the Markdown feature in Jetpack → Settings → Writing → Composing.

Adding a Markdown block

You can add a Markdown Block to any post or page by selecting it from the Jetpack section of the block picker:

Search for the Markdown block

The Markdown block options are the block alignment, Markdown entry, and the Preview entry:

Options that are available to the Markdown block.

Learning Markdown

You can learn the basics on this page. If you need a more detailed guide, there’s also a 10-minute tutorial.

Markdown Implementation

Our Markdown block uses the markdown-it parser, which supports the CommonMark spec.

If you need full details of the syntax that our Markdown block supports, see the markdown-it demo page.

Still need help?

Please contact support directly. We’re happy to lend a hand and answer any other questions that you may have.

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