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Jetpack is Active – Now What?

Now that you have activated Jetpack and are ready to see what it can do, take a quick spin through this guide to make sure you know what to expect and get the most out of the plugin’s features.

Security Essentials

Jetpack offers several features that bolster the security of your WordPress site, and we always recommend activating these as soon as you are finished installing and activating the plugin.

Brute Force Attack Protection
Brute force log-in attacks are scary, and they happen regularly across the web. This feature will prevent any bad guys from attempting to access your site via this method, and you can rest easy knowing that we have, so far, stopped over 4 billion attacks.

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It’s impossible to monitor your site 24/7, so we’ll happily keep a close eye on it and send you an email in the case of any downtime (and another email when it’s back online). It’s the easiest way to keep tabs on your site without putting in any extra effort or money.

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Traffic Tools

Growing traffic is one of the biggest challenges when building a site. Jetpack offers several key tools that help you along the way.

Site Stats
One of our most popular features, Site Stats gives you a complete view of reader activity. You’ll have everything you need to keep an eye on things and make better content decisions. Go to Jetpack -> Site Stats in your WordPress dashboard to see what’s happening.

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Related Posts
We help you conquer one of the biggest challenges you’ll face – keeping readers on your site, for longer periods of time. With this feature active, Jetpack will display links on any given blog post to other highly relevant posts or content published on your site. Once active, you can configure some design elements from the Related Posts section of Settings -> Reading in your WordPress dashboard.

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Jetpack Social
Spread the word further and engage with more potential readers. Jetpack will share your new posts to several social media sites automatically. Simply go to Settings -> Sharing in your dashboard to add your accounts.

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