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Jetpack Pro Dashboard: Licensing

You can issue new licenses, manage payment methods, view your monthly invoices, view pricing, add company details, and manage all licenses associated with your account from the Jetpack Pro Dashboard’s Licensing section. 

To access the licensing section of the Jetpack Pro Dashboard open the Jetpack Pro Dashboard and click Licensing.


The Billing section of the licensing dashboard opens by default. Here you can find an estimate of your bill for the month. You can also see how many licenses you have issued, how many licenses are assigned, and how many licenses are unassigned.

Click Issue New License to begin issuing a new license to any site connected to your Jetpack Pro Dashboard.


Click Licenses in the sidebar to view your licenses in more detail. All Active licenses are listed by default. You can filter the view to show only assigned, unassigned, or revoked licenses by selecting the appropriate filter.

You can search for specific licenses by clicking the magnifying glass and searching for your desired license.

Click ⌄ to view detailed information about a specific Jetpack license.

In the expanded details section, you can see the URL the license has been assigned to, the site’s blog ID, when the license was issued, when the license was assigned, and the license code corresponding to the license.

Click Unassign License to unassign the license from the site it is currently assigned to. Once the license has been unassigned, you can assign it to a new site.

Click Revoke License to remove the license from your account and the site it was assigned to.

Payment Methods

The Payment Methods section of the licensing section of the Jetpack Pro Dashboard is where you add, remove, and manage the payment methods on file for your account. 

Click New credit card to add a new credit or debit card to your account.

Enter your payment details and click Save payment method to finish adding the payment method to your account.

To add a new payment method without making it your primary payment method, uncheck Set as primary payment method before clicking Save payment method.

Click the three dot menu to delete a payment method from your account. If you have more than one payment method saved to your account, you can use the three dot menu to select your primary payment method.


You download all of your monthly invoices from the licensing portal in the Jetpack Pro Dashboard. Follow the steps below to download your monthly invoices.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Licensing.
  1. Click Invoices.
  1. Each invoice is listed with its payment status, due date, and invoice number.
  1. Click Download to download the invoice in PDF format.


The Prices section of the licensing portal shows our current daily and monthly pricing for all Jetpack products available through the Jetpack Pro Dashboard.

Company Details

The Company Details section of the licensing portal is used to add your company details, such as company name, company contact (first and last name), company website, business address, city, country, and zip/postal code. 

Click Update Details to update your company details. The company details will be applied to all future invoices.

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