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My site is down, what should I do?

If you reached this page, it’s because your site is down, or you received an email from our Downtime Monitor service.

Check if the site is really down

Start by visiting your site to see if you’re able to load it. Jetpack Monitor may have recorded a momentary glitch that’s since been resolved. If the site is loading again, you can safely ignore the email.

If the site is not loading, we recommend checking from both another network, such as a mobile connection, just to make sure it’s not a problem with the connection itself. If you’re unable to load your site, check your host’s control panel or contact their support team. They will be able to provide more detail about why the site is down and assist you with getting it back online.

Access your host control panel

Your site is composed of a domain and a hosting provider, and sometimes these could be provided by different companies. Look up who your hosting provider is (you can check one of the emails confirming your website, for example, or your password manager if you’re using one) and access their control panel. From there, you should be able to control the status of the website and see if there’s any problem.

Contact your host support

If the problem can’t be fixed from your host’s control panel, you might have to reach out to their customer support and ask for help. You should be able to find a link to their customer support from the control panel itself.

Check Jetpack Activity Log

Sometimes the reason for the site being down is some action that was taken on your site. An example might be installing a plugin that causes a conflict and crashes the site. Jetpack provides the Activity Log feature, which tracks certain types of events as they happen on your site. Reviewing the Activity Log could surface plugin or theme changes that contributed to the issue.

We hope you’re able to fix your site quickly and bring it back online.

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