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Jetpack includes state-of-the-art security tools that keep your site safe and sound, from posts to plugins.

Are you blocked from accessing your dashboard? Use one of the three methods described here to unblock yourself.

Here are some resources to help get you started:

  • Protect - Jetpack Protect allows you to protect yourself against traditional brute force attacks and distributed brute force attacks that use many servers against your site
  • Security Scanning - Jetpack Premium and Professional plans include daily, automated security scanning and one-click threat resolution. On this page, you’ll learn about some of the more common threats that we look for and how to properly address them. Changes to Core WordPress Files We checks you WordPress installation to see if any core files have been changed […]
  • Troubleshooting issues with the Protect module - Are you unable to enable the Protect module on your site? Check these tips to find out why.
  • Security - Jetpack includes state-of-the-art security tools that keep every bit of your site safe and sound.
  • Security Features - Jetpack’s security features allow you to secure your self-hosted WordPress sites from a single dashboard on
  • Secure Sign On - Using the same log-in credentials you use for, you’ll now be able to register for and sign in to self-hosted sites quickly and securely.
  • Downtime Monitoring - Jetpack Monitor will keep tabs on your site, and alert you the moment that downtime is detected.

Our paid subscriptions offer even more ways to protect and monitor your site — learn more here.

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