How WordPress Agency FreshySites Uses Jetpack to Scale

If you own a WordPress agency and could automate critical service tasks for your clients, you’d be better positioned for expansion and growth. Sounds great, right? But it’s a lot easier said than done.

Web design company FreshySites is doing exactly this with the help of Jetpack. They’ve built over 1,900 websites and actively manage about 1,200. Yet they’ve found a way to reduce the person-power required to deliver more services for an increasing number of clients. 

With a small team, they’re completing more tasks for more clients. Let’s see how they do it. 

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Comparing Backup Solutions for WordPress Websites

As a website owner, you’ve spent months, maybe even years, developing content and getting your layout exactly the way you want. The last thing you want is to lose all of your hard work.

That’s where backups come into play. Regular, high-quality website backups are the best way to protect your valuable assets and restore your site if it ever goes down or is hacked.

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Better Social Media Sharing with Jetpack

Save Time with Jetpack’s WordPress Automation Tools

Automating your WordPress website’s features can be a real time-saver. The time that website automation saves you can be put back into other site projects, such as increasing the size of your audience or building a strong social media presence.

From marketing tools and content sharing, to site backups and one-click ads, Jetpack offers numerous features that can automate or streamline many common site processes. Let’s take a closer look at these, starting with the website must-haves!

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