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Instantly deliver the most relevant results to your visitors with Jetpack Search. No coding required, no ads, and no tracking.

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Do you have a site with thousands of posts, pages, and products? No problem. Jetpack Search helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for — fast.

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Give your visitors instant search results and powerful filtering to help them find answers and stay on your site longer.

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Jetpack Search is completely customizable, front to back, so your visitors get a search experience that blends in seamlessly with your site design.

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People on eCommerce sites are 2x more likely to purchase something when they search

The best WordPress search experience

Not your average results

Number of Records

Monthly Requests

Unbranded Search

Priority support

Instant Search and indexing

Powerful filtering

Supports 38 languages

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Starting price per month, billed yearly

10k Records*

10k Requests*

Branding Removed






5k Records

500 Requests

Show Jetpack Logo

Not Included





An additional $8.25 per every additional 10K records and/or requests per month
Records are all posts, pages, custom post types and other types of content indexed by Jetpack Search.
For more details on features and pricing, see the support documentation for Jetpack Search

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I like having a search experience that is sortable, filterable, and feels like it's integrated natively into the site. Jetpack Search does all of this, but most importantly, it returns great results without heavy configuration.”

Chris Coyier, Web Design Expert / ShopTalk Show

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If people can get the answers they want quickly without having to email me, it’s pure gold and it makes my job easier. I’m advertising it in my client consultations and telling people to use it because it actually works.

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Fast, relevant, customized search. Start for free. Paid plans starting at $8.25 per month, with annual billing