Jetpack AI Assistant

Content creation, accelerated

Turn your ideas into ready-to-publish content at lightspeed.

Unleash your full potential with the Jetpack AI Assistant and make yourself irreplaceable.

Boost Productivity in the WordPress Editor with AI

Jetpack AI Assistant fits right into your WordPress Editor. Its intuitive interface lets you engage with AI as if you were chatting with a colleague, reducing the time and effort you spend on content creation. Create, revise, and optimize content without leaving your WordPress Editor.

Quickly turn thoughts into live pages with Block extensions

Jetpack AI Assistant simplifies the creation and customization of sleek forms, tables, and lists for your pages and posts, making routine tasks more efficient:

  • Creating a registration form for a global event? When you need a dropdown list with countries, Jetpack AI Assistant can populate all countries automatically for you.
  • Making a comparison table for different subscription plans? Tell the AI Assistant the key features of each plan, and it will recommend an organized table layout.
  • Setting up a list for your monthly newsletter contents? Describe the sections or topics you'd like to cover, and Jetpack AI Assistant can assist in generating a structured bullet or numbered list.

Enhance your content through actionable insights

Receive intelligent feedback on your drafts, ensuring every post is polished and powerful before going live:

  • Posting a guide on creating handmade jewelry? The AI Assistant can help refine your tutorial steps for readability and user engagement.
  • Detailing your adventures from a recent trip? Get suggestions on clarity, ensuring all the beautiful spots and experiences stand out for readers.
  • Introducing a feature for your product? It will ensure your announcement is persuasive and error-free.

Adapt your tone to match the situation

You might be drafting a clear, professional Terms of Service page one moment and a casual community update the next. With AI Assistant, you can easily switch between various tones, including but not limited to Formal, Optimistic, Emphatic, Passionate, or Humorous.

  • Maintain professional standards effortlessly

    Ensure high‑standard content with Jetpack AI Assistant's advanced spelling and grammar tools.

  • Create titles & summaries

    Need a fitting title or concise summary? Jetpack AI Assistant can create them for your content on request.

  • Reach new audiences through auto-translation

    AI‑powered translations across numerous languages at your fingertips, breaking down language barriers.