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Incredibly powerful and customizable, Jetpack Search helps your visitors instantly find the right content – right when they need it.

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Less digging, more finding

Do you have a site with thousands of posts, pages, and products? No problem. Jetpack Search helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for — fast.

Keep people reading and buying

Give your visitors instant search results and powerful filtering to help them find answers and stay on your site longer.

Finely-tuned search for your site

Jetpack Search is completely customizable, front to back, so your visitors get a search experience that blends in seamlessly with your site design.

People can’t buy what they can’t find

People on eCommerce sites are 2x more likely to purchase something when they search

Not your average search

Not your average results

Highly relevant results with modern ranking algorithms
Boosted and prioritized results based on your site stats
Instant search and filtering without reloading the page
Filtered and faceted searches (by tags, categories, dates, custom taxonomies, and post types)
Improved theme compatibility for both desktop and mobile
Real-time indexing, so your search index will update within minutes of changes to your site
Support for all languages, and advanced language analysis for 29 languages
Highlighted search terms on comments and post content
Quick and accurate spelling correction
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Up to 100 records


Records are all posts, pages, custom post types and other types of content indexed by Jetpack Search.

Pay only for what you need

Records are all posts, pages, custom post types and other types of content you want to be indexed by Jetpack Search. Special introductory price for the first term. All renewals are at full price.

I like having a search experience that is sortable, filterable, and feels like it's integrated natively into the site. Jetpack Search does all of this, but most importantly, it returns great results without heavy configuration.”

Chris Coyier, Web Design Expert /

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If people can get the answers they want quickly without having to email me, it’s pure gold and it makes my job easier. I’m advertising it in my client consultations and telling people to use it because it actually works.

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