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How it works

  1. 1

    Design your ad

    Our wizard automatically formats your content into a beautiful ad, but you can adjust it however you like.

  2. 2

    Select your audience

    Show off your ad to people in certain areas, or people who are reading about topics like movies or sports. You’ll see an estimate of how many people you’ll reach.

  3. 3

    Set your dates and budget

    Run an ad for 6 months or just a few days — it’s up to you.

  4. 4

    Publish your ad

    Get some of the lowest ad prices while protecting your brand with a system backed by Verity and Grapeshot. Rest easy that your ads will only show up where you’d like them to.

  5. 5

    See your reach

    Once your ad is running, you can see how much engagement you’re getting from your new fans.

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