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We guard your site. You run your business.

Jetpack Scan uses automated scanning and one‑click fixes to keep your site ahead of security threats.

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There’s no time for downtime

When your site is your business, you can’t afford for it to go offline. We’ll alert you immediately to any new threats, bad actors, or suspicious behavior so you can keep the customers flowing.

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Simple, yet powerful

Our easy-to-read interface means that you don’t need to be a security expert. We’ll guide you through any issues quickly and clearly, and help you resolve many threats with one click.

Jetpack monitors millions of websites for vulnerabilities

We learn about the newest security threats first and use that information to better protect your site

Don’t think twice about security

You’ve got enough things to worry about. Get peace of mind that we’re looking after your site.

Decentralized scanning

Scanning takes place on our servers, so you can access your site even when it goes down.

Set it and forget it

With automatic, behind-the-scenes scanning and instant email notifications, you can focus on running your business.

You don't want to find out from your customers that your site has a problem. It’s much better to let Jetpack be on the lookout and let you know the second it sees something you should be aware of.

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  • Scan

    $ 10
    /month, billed yearly
    Get Scan

    Automatic scanning and one-click fixes keep your site one step ahead of security threats and malware.

    • Automated daily scanning
    • One-click fixes for most issues
    • Instant email notifications when threats are detected
    • Website firewall (WAF beta)
    • Priority support
  • Security

    $ 20
    /month, billed yearly
    Get Security

    Easy-to-use, comprehensive site security including backups, malware scanning, and spam protection.

    Includes VaultPress Backup, Jetpack Scan, and Akismet Anti-spam.

    • All Backup features
    • Real-time malware scanning
    • Comment and form spam protection
    • Website firewall (WAF beta)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vulnerabilities does Jetpack scan for?

Jetpack scans for known WordPress vulnerabilities in the plugins, mu-plugins, themes, and uploads directories. Additionally we scan in select files from the WordPress root directory (like wp-config.php), and other select files inside the wp-content directory where vulnerabilities are the most common on a WordPress website.

Once a scan has completed you will receive a notification if any threats have been found. These notifications will be send to you via email, and can be accessed via WP Admin or the dashboard.

Does Jetpack scan for exploits?

Jetpack scans for known exploits of WordPress, and WordPress plugins and themes. If there's a newer version of a theme or plugin that has patched a threat, you can update them with one click. If there isn't a newer version with a fix, we can help you to delete these from your site.

Get started with a WordPress exploit scan today!

Does Jetpack protect from other plugin and theme vulnerabilities?

Jetpack also scans for vulnerabilities within other plugins and themes, and it keeps a history of all previous active threats to WordPress sites that it cross-references against. The plugins and mu-plugins directories are two of the directories that are actively scanned for vulnerabilities by Jetpack Scan.

How often does Jetpack scan your WordPress website for vulnerabilities and exploits?

Jetpack scans your site once per day, or when you trigger a manual scan.

Why do I need malware scanning for my site?

Security is important to consider for any site or online business, including WordPress. If your site is hacked it can cause serious damage to your income and your business' reputation.

Hackers can manipulate your website's data, steal information from you or your users (including passwords), install and execute malicious code, and even distribute the malicious code between your users.

Here are a few of our articles that will provide some additional insight into WordPress security and the most popular WordPress security plugins:

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