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Fully customizable. Incredibly powerful. Jetpack Search helps your visitors find the right content – right when they need it.

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Accurate, relevant results keep your customers engaged and on site longer.

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A site with thousands of posts, pages, and products? No problem. Jetpack Search helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for, fast.

Finely-tuned search for your site

Jetpack Search is completely customizable, front and back, so your visitors get a targeted search that blends in seamlessly with your site design.

Jetpack Search is trusted by some of the biggest sites on the web

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Fast, relevant, customized search for $29.00 per month

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I like having a search experience that is sortable, filter-able, and feels like it's integrated natively into the site. Jetpack Search does all of this, but most importantly, it returns great results without heavy configuration.”

CHRIS COYIER, Web Design Expert /

People can’t buy what they can’t find

People on e-commerce sites are 2x more likely to purchase something when they search

Not your average search

Not your average results

Modern ranking algorithms provide more relevant results.
Real-time indexing means your search updates within minutes of any site change.
Specialized configurations for 29 languages optimize the search experience to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.
Filters by tag, category, custom taxonomy, date, or post types narrow results to the most relevant.
Options to boost your recent content and match phrases give visitors more opportunities to find the most relevant content for them.
Color and font customization match your search experience to your theme.
Adjustable search algorithms – filter, boost by popularity, and exclude specific results. Check out some examples.
The Elasticsearch API gives you a powerful, flexible way to customize search to your site – Ready to learn more? See our API documentation.
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