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Jetpack’s performance features make your site lightning‑fast, while also improving your SEO and giving your visitors a better experience.

Jetpack VideoPress
The finest video for WordPress

Stunning-quality video with none of the hassle. Drag and drop videos through the WordPress editor and keep the focus on your content, not the ads.

  • Drag and drop videos directly into WordPress
  • Ad-free with a brandable player
  • Fast-motion video with 60 FPS and Full HD 1080p
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Jetpack Search has performed 61.6 billion site searches in the last ten years

Jetpack Boost
Instant speed and SEO for free

Jetpack Boost gives your site the same performance advantages as the world’s leading websites, no developer required.

  • Check your site performance
  • Enable improvements in one click
  • Standalone free plugin for those focused on speed
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Jetpack CDN
Deliver content faster

Jetpack’s free WordPress CDN is the best content delivery network built specifically for WordPress. Try it now to accelerate your site’s images and other files.

  • One-click setup
  • Unlimited number of files
  • Network of servers gives worldwide coverage
Speed up your site

Jetpack is the most proven WordPress CDN plugin with 24 trillion images served


  • Jetpack’s performance features are no-brainers for the sites I build. With one-click CDN, there’s no need to sacrifice performance for style. I know that it just automagically works once I toggle that button.

    Sasha Endoh Founder - Endoh Collaborative
  • I’m always creating: books, podcasts, blog posts, newsletters, you name it. Jetpack Search makes it easy for anyone who visits my site to find what they need on the first try. It’s fast, it looks great on my site, and, quite simply, it works.

    Tim Ferriss Author / Investor / Podcaster
  • I recommend Jetpack to all WooCommerce stores because the image compression, CDN, and Jetpack Search are fantastic.

    Chris Lema VP, Product – Liquid Web
  • VideoPress

    50% off *
    $4.95 instead of $9.95 per month for the first year, billed yearly
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    High-quality, ad-free video built specifically for WordPress.

    • 1TB of storage
    • Built into WordPress editor
    • Ad-free and customizable player
    • Unlimited users
  • Site Search

    $8.25 per month, billed yearly
    Get Site Search

    Help your site visitors find answers instantly so they keep reading and buying. Great for sites with a lot of content.

    • Instant search and indexing
    • Powerful filtering
    • Supports 29 languages
    • Spelling correction
  • Boost

    Get Boost for free

    Essential tools to improve your site performance with no developers required.

    • Site performance scores
    • Optimize CSS loading
    • Defer non-essential Javascript
    • Lazy image loading
    • Image guide
    • Image CDN
    • Concatenate JS and CSS
  • * Discount is for the first year only, all renewals are at full price.

For more information about our pricing and free tools, visit our pricing page.

Questions? We’ve got you covered.

How do I get these features?

Jetpack VideoPress, Jetpack Search, and the CDN are available through the Jetpack plugin.

  • Jetpack VideoPress is available for free with a limit of 1 video and 1 GB of storage. By purchasing it, you unlock unlimited videos and 1 TB of storage. Visit the VideoPress page to get started.
  • Purchase Jetpack Search through our pricing page to get started.
  • CDN is available through every paid and free plan. Select a plan from our pricing page to get started.

Jetpack Boost is available for free with the Jetpack Boost plugin. You can download it here.

Which of these Jetpack features are free?

Jetpack VideoPress is available for free with a limit of 1 video and 1 GB of storage. By purchasing it, you unlock unlimited videos and 1 TB of storage. Visit the VideoPress page to get started.

CDN is available for free. Select a plan from our pricing page to get started.

Jetpack Boost is available for free with the Jetpack Boost plugin. You can download it here.

What additional features does the Jetpack plugin have?

Jetpack includes more than 50 features focused around Security, Performance, Growth, and Design. You can find the main features on our comparison page, and an exhaustive list of features on this support page.

How does the WordPress CDN plugin work?

Jetpack’s free WordPress CDN helps your pages load faster by allowing Jetpack to optimize your images and serve them alongside static files (like CSS and JavaScript) from our global network of servers. You can get more details about specifics in our support article.

Note that the WordPress CDN is also called Site Accelerator in the plugin.

Does a WordPress website need a CDN?

A CDN, or content delivery network, improves the performance of your WordPress blog by optimizing server resources to let you handle high-volume traffic more quickly.

If you’re wondering whether or not a CDN can improve your readers’ experience, simply ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does your site receive international visitors?
  • Does your site experience lagging or slow load times at high volumes?
  • Are you preparing for an upcoming increase in site traffic?

If your response to any of the above is “yes”, your blog can benefit from a CDN. For more detail on what a CDN is, why you need one, and why we believe Jetpack has the best CDN for WordPress, read this article.

Can I use the CDN for other things besides images?

Yes. We now serve static CSS and JavaScript files to further speed up WordPress site for visitors and decrease your server load, saving valuable bandwidth.

Please note that our WordPress CDN plugin does not serve audio (i.e., mp3, wav, flac, etc.) or video (i.e., mp4, wmv, flv, etc.) files. If you’d like to host videos on our CDN, check out our video hosting feature.

How does the Jetpack search feature work?

Jetpack Search is a powerful search solution backed by Elasticsearch, Jetpack Stats, and our globally distributed data centers. We process your data with multiple technologies for a modern search experience that improves website engagement, so visitors can search, refine their results, and find the content and products that interest them. You can read more about the search architecture here.

Is Jetpack Search compatible with popular themes and theme builders?

Yes! Jetpack Search is an advanced WordPress search plugin and is compatible with popular themes and theme builders, as well as both mobile and desktop views.

Is Speed Optimization with Jetpack Boost safe?

Yes; it’s safe to try Jetpack Boost on any WordPress site.

Jetpack Boost does not alter your site’s content; it only modifies the way the content is sent to the user’s browser, to allow it to display faster.

As a result, all of Jetpack Boost’s features can safely be turned off in the event of an incompatibility with your other plugins.

It is safe to try Jetpack Boost out on any WordPress site.

What does the Boost plugin do to help speed up my WordPress site?

Jetpack Boost makes small changes to the way that data is sent from your WordPress site to your users’ browsers, to enable the browsers to display your site faster.

Jetpack Boost includes a few separate features, which can be turned on individually to improve your site’s performance. These include:

  • Optimize CSS Loading: This feature figures out the most important CSS that your site needs to display your site’s initial content as quickly as possible, and embeds it directly into your site header.
  • Defer Non-Essential JavaScript: This feature forces all of the JavaScript which is not essential to displaying your site to load after your site’s main content has been loaded.

What speed improvements can I expect when using Jetpack Boost?

Website Performance is complicated, and can be affected by a number of factors. As a result, it is difficult to accurately predict how much impact it will have on each site.

Generally, the lower your speed score is to begin with, the more Jetpack Boost may impact your performance. We have seen user reports of up to 25 Speed Score points improvement simply by installing and using Jetpack Boost.

However, as performance can be impacted by so many factors, it is also possible for Jetpack Boost to have a small negative performance impact in some rare cases.

We recommend that you install Jetpack Boost, and try it for yourself. It includes a tool for measuring your Speed Score, to check what impact it has on your site.

Will this plugin be able to improve performance on any website?

This plugin includes a range of performance improvements, which can help almost any WordPress site perform better.

However, if your site is already extremely well optimized, Jetpack Boost may not have much room to improve it.

Jetpack Boost includes a tool for measuring your site’s Speed Score - we encourage users to try it out and see what impact it can have for them.

Can Jetpack Boost make my website load faster if I have a large database?

Jetpack Boost does not include any optimizations that target large databases at this time. However, watch this space - we are always looking for new ways to help our users perform better.

Can I also defer non-essential CSS with Jetpack Boost?

Jetpack Boost automatically defers non-essential CSS if its “Optimize CSS Loading” feature is enabled.

The “Optimize CSS Loading” feature identifies the most important CSS rules your site needs to display your pages as quickly as possible (commonly called “Critical CSS”), and defers all other CSS rules from loading until your main content has loaded.

How does Jetpack Boost plugin improve Core Web Vitals?

Each Core Web Vital relates to an aspect of how quickly your site can load and appear on new visitors’ screens.

Jetpack Boost makes small changes to the way that data is sent from your WordPress site to your users’ browsers, to enable your content to display faster. As a result, it can improve your Core Web Vitals scores.

For example, our “Optimize CSS Loading” feature ensures the most important CSS rules are sent to users’ browsers as early as possible, improving both First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) scores.

How does Jetpack Boost compare with other WordPress speed optimization plugins?

Speed Optimization plugins for WordPress can be complicated and opaque for users. They often offer columns of checkboxes with little explanation, and don’t include tools to measure the impact of each change or choice users make.

Jetpack Boost aims to be as easy to use as possible, and includes a Speed Score indicator to help users immediately measure the impact of their choices.

Can I use Jetpack Boost to monitor WordPress performance?

Yes, Jetpack Boost is a WordPress performance plugin that can be used to monitor WordPress performance. Simply install it and check in to see how your speed score changes over time.

Is Jetpack Boost compatible with other caching and speed optimization plugins?

With few exceptions, Jetpack Boost has no problems running alongside most caching and speed optimization plugins. As a guideline, we don’t recommend enabling the same feature in multiple optimization plugins.

For example, if two plugins attempt to defer your non-essential JavaScripts, then they may end up conflicting with each other and cause display problems on your site.

If you run into compatibility issues, please do let us know. You can drop us a line on the Jetpack Boost Support Forums at any time.

How do I configure Jetpack Boost?

It’s easy! Just install the plugin and try turning on and off each feature. They are one-click buttons and you can see which combination of features works best for your site.

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