The easiest speed optimization plugin for WordPress

Jetpack Boost gives your site the same performance advantages as the world’s leading websites, no developer required.

An image showing a web site with a photo of a time-lapsed watch face. In the foreground is a graph showing a speed score for mobile and desktop in yellow and green with an overall score of B

Check your site performance

How does your site stack up? Get a quick report and activate powerful performance improvements in a few clicks.

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Improve your SEO

Performance is an increasingly important factor in search ranking. Rank higher and get more traffic to your site.

An image showing a web site with a photo of a speed blurred tunnel. In the foreground is an interface titled Optimize Site with a list of toggles for Critical CSS, Defer Javascript, Lazy Loading Images, and Jetpack CDN

Speed up your WordPress site

Fast websites mean more page visits and more conversions. Make your site blazing fast with Boost’s simple dashboard and acceleration tools.

A one-second delay in loading times can reduce conversion rates by 20%


Optimize CSS Structure

Generate optimized styles for every page, greatly increasing speed, especially on mobile.

Defer Non-Essential Javascript

Delay some tasks until after the page loads, so the important stuff loads faster.

Lazy Image Loading

Only loads images the user can see, making your site faster and saving bandwidth for your host and customers.

Improve your site speed and SEO for free