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Jetpack Anti-spam — powered by Akismet

Automatically clear spam from comments and forms. Save time, get more responses, give your visitors a better experience - all without lifting a finger.

No more approving or vetting

Manually reviewing spammy form submissions eats up time — time you could spend growing your business.

Verify less, convert more

No more CAPTCHAs, so visitors submit more forms and you won't waste time on fake responses.

An experience they'll all love

No more spam means visitors can comment and engage distraction-free — without being sidetracked, duped, or just annoyed.

“Jetpack has caught almost 2 million blocked spam comments on CSS-Tricks. What I appreciate the most is how the system learns as we go. If a spam comment slips through, or a good comment gets spammed, we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

CHRIS COYIER, Web Design Expert /

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    Save time and get better responses by automatically blocking spam from your comments and forms.

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All the spam support you need.

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