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Scope of Support

These guidelines outline the support provided to you by Jetpack Happiness Engineers. We provide priority support to customers with paid plans and services. This documentation is subject to change and is not comprehensive, as there will always be edge cases that we aren’t able to assist with. If we’re unable to help, we will try to point you in a direction where you can find appropriate assistance. 

Our products are designed for use with most WordPress sites. If you’re not sure our products are suitable for your site, please reach out to us! We are happy to help you decide if our products are right for you.

We do all our support over email. We have found that this is the most efficient way to solve most Jetpack problems, rather than telephone or live chat. Jetpack primarily provides support in English. If you contact us in a different language, we’ll do our best to translate your message and will reply in English.

What Jetpack Support Covers

We only provide support for our products, including Jetpack, VaultPress, and Akismet. Support includes, but is not necessarily limited to: assistance with installation, standard configuration, and use. We also encourage you to read our support documentation for Jetpack, VaultPress, and Akismet. You may find your question already answered there! 

Please contact us directly if you encounter any problems during installation, while updating any of our plugins, or if your host has told you one of our products is causing an issue on your site. We are not able to assist with issues related to your web server or host, such as: website optimization, .htaccess rules, site speed or performance, DNS, email delivery or receipt issues, errors not related to our products, SSL certificate and/or HTTPS implementation, firewall setup, crashed / unresponsive sites, or customizations to Jetpack’s code, beyond what is provided in our public support documentation. 

We can only provide support for sites running Jetpack and WordPress’ minimum supported versions, typically two releases prior to the current version. If you’re not sure if your site is running a supported version, you can check your WordPress version on the Dashboard > Update page in your WP Admin, and your Jetpack version on the Plugins page in WP Admin.

During our troubleshooting process, we may require you to disable third-party plugins, or temporarily switch to one of the default WordPress themes before we are able to assist you. This is also to your benefit, because if we find that the issue isn’t related to Jetpack or one of our other products, we can often direct you to the best place to get the issue resolved.

For some types of troubleshooting, there may be situations where we will ask permission to log into your WordPress site. However, we’re unable to log into accounts or platforms other than your WP Admin. This includes, but is not limited to: hosting accounts, domain registrar accounts, and cPanel.

Known conflicts with Jetpack can be found here, though these may be subject to change, as the WordPress ecosystem is ever-evolving.

VaultPress and Jetpack Backup: Backups and Restores

We can help you install, connect, and configure VaultPress, and advise on best practices. We can also help you begin a restore and investigate failed backups and restores. In some situations, we may ask you to provide FTP, SFTP, or SSH credentials so we may access your server (with your explicit permission). You are not required to give us these credentials, but we may not be able to troubleshoot some issues without this permitted access. Important note: you do need to add credentials to VaultPress or Jetpack Backup to run a restore of your site, so it’s best to get these credentials added when you initially purchase your plan.

We’re unable to configure, troubleshoot, or fix your server configuration, firewalls, or database issues that may interfere with a successful backup or restore. Assistance with manual restores is also outside the scope of support we can offer.

VaultPress and Jetpack: Malware Scanning and Security Fixes

We can help you understand security threats reported by our security scanner. When a threat is detected, we offer a one-click fix for most problems. In some cases that is not available, in which case we suggest following this guide to cleaning a hacked site.

VaultPress and Jetpack are not intended to be a service to clean up already hacked or malware-infected sites. While we can fix some hacked files after purchase, we do rely on the site not being infected at the time of purchase and having a clean version to compare any changed files to.

Akismet Spam Protection

We can advise on how to install, activate, and register the Akismet plugin with your API key. We can also advise if you or a user on your site is improperly being flagged by Akismet as spam.

We are unable to help configure Akismet for integration with third-party plugins and platforms, and we cannot advise on code customization. We do have public, developer-level documentation, which is provided as-is.

Some Specifics About Customization

A customization is anything that changes the way Jetpack, Jetpack Backup, VaultPress, or Akismet looks or functions. Each of our products are provided as-is. While we can help you configure our products within the intended capability and function of each plugin, we do not assist with the customization of our products, nor can we help troubleshoot custom code, or officially endorse third-party customization solutions.

There are many resources available on the web if you would like to hire a WordPress developer or designer. 

We provide some customization snippets in our documentation: for example, customizing Related Posts. These tutorials are also provided as-is, and we strongly recommend backing up your site before implementing any custom code. For those comfortable working with code, we offer Jetpack Developer Documentation, which is also provided as-is.

We are not able to assist with cosmetic changes to your site. This includes, but is not limited to: theme design or advice, custom CSS code, menu structure, and color or font changes. For themes included with Jetpack, each theme has detailed documentation on, and we can provide general answers to basic configuration questions related to this documentation.

Support Channels and Reporting Issues

When an issue is brought to our attention, we will first ensure that it is reproducible. Then, we escalate it to our developers to pursue a fix where possible and appropriate. You can help expedite this process by providing us with screenshots and detailed steps to reproduce the problem. The more specific, the better! 

The public Jetpack repository on GitHub can be found here. From that repository, you can view known issues. Your issue may have already been identified! If you’ve discovered something new, please feel free to create a new issue.

You can find our recommendations on how to write a great GitHub issue here.

For enhancement requests, please be as specific as possible about what you’d like to see.

Contacting Support

We encourage all Jetpack users to reach out for support. If we’re not able to help, we can often point you in the direction of who can.

Paid users can contact Jetpack Support through our contact form.

Otherwise, you can post in the relevant plugin support forum at These forums are monitored by our support team, who will be happy to assist with your inquiry.

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