How to Recognize Comment Spam and Give it the Boot

If you run a blog, then you may have chosen to allow comments on your website. This can be a good move for certain sites because it promotes engagement, encourages feedback, and helps you establish authority.

But hackers and bots often leave spam comments in order to link visitors back to their own websites. Their goal? Higher site rankings and an increase in traffic — for the spammers, of course.

Racking up lots of comments seems like a positive, but too much spam can decrease search engine rankings, expose your visitors to viruses and scams, and make it look like you don’t care for your website. And this is, well, bad for business. 

The thing with comment spam is that not all of it is created equal. Most of the time, it looks shady. But, sometimes, it actually looks legitimate. So how do you spot it on your blog?

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WordPress Security for Beginners

Whether you’re launching a business site, an online store, or a hobby blog, WordPress offers flexibility, ease of use, and advanced functionality that will help make it a smashing success.

But before you’re ready to go live, spend a few minutes thinking about security. Protect your site as much as possible to keep it safe from hackers and accessible to fans and customers at all times.

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Jetpack 9.7: Behind-the-scenes improvements for your site

This month, we’re shipping several under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes to make Jetpack work even better for you and your website. Here are the highlights:

  • We’re ensuring that Jetpack is compatible with the upcoming version of WordPress including Full Site Editing
  • We’re simplifying how your site accesses the features made available by the cloud infrastructure. 

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Why Spam Comments Exist (and How to Stop Them)

WordPress comment spam seems inevitable. No matter what type of website you’re running, if you allow visitors to comment on your posts, you’ll find spam. The more popular your content is, the more you’ll get. These unwanted contributions interrupt the flow of the dialog in your comments section, annoy you and your community, reduce your site’s credibility, and decrease traffic. But why, exactly, do people leave spam comments and what can you do about them?

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Should You Use Jetpack for WordPress Security?

Your website is the heart of your online presence — a place to establish your brand, build trust with your customers, and convert new visitors to clients. As an essential part of your business model, it’s critical to protect that asset with a top-tier security plugin. 

There are several WordPress plugins that provide various levels of security and offer different kinds of protection. Give yourself optimal peace of mind and keep your business running smoothly by choosing a well-designed, comprehensive, integrated security plugin for your WordPress website: Jetpack.

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How We’re Staying Connected During COVID-19

Just over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many throughout the world have begun to consider a permanent work-from-home arrangement. We wanted to share what works for our teams because, as a distributed company, Jetpack has always been mindful of ways to stay connected despite fairly substantial differences in physical locations. You might think that nearly four years of practice with this kind of work arrangement gave us an advantage when COVID-19 forced everyone to distance. That’s partially true. 

Most of us, for example, already had our at-home work spaces ready to go. In August, we wrote about what we had already learned from years of working this way. We discussed creating the ideal environment, helpful tools and equipment, how to deal with distractions and optimize scheduling, the challenges of working with kids at home, and how to pay proper attention to physical and mental health. 

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Jetpack and ScalaHosting: Better Together

Choosing a hosting provider is one of the most important website decisions you can make because it impacts so many things — security, speed, functionality, uptime, and usability to name just a few. And while these are valuable considerations for any site owner, as your website grows, it becomes more and more important to consider flexibility and efficiency.   

That’s why we’ve partnered with ScalaHosting, whose mission is to make VPS hosting available to anyone.

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Improve your site performance and SEO for free with Jetpack Boost

Now that many businesses have an online presence, people expect the same great experience online that they get in person from their favourite cafes, restaurants, and local shops. In 2021, site performance is extremely important and is a key component in setting your business apart from your competitors. 

Studies have shown that poor performance directly impacts sales, with a one‑second delay in loading times reducing conversion rates by 20%. Just like slow service in a restaurant, your site speed can have a major impact on if people engage and come back.

But for most people, it’s hard to stay on top of ever-evolving web standards. Not to mention expensive to hire a developer to upgrade your site. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce Jetpack Boost. Developed in partnership with XWP – who have built some of the fastest WordPress sites in the world (and the AMP plugin and Tide quality framework) – Jetpack Boost gives your site the same performance advantages as the world’s leading websites, with no developer required. And best of all, it’s free!

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What to Do if Your WordPress Site is Hacked

It’s every business owner’s biggest fear: hearing that their website has been compromised. Though WordPress is a safe platform, all websites are vulnerable to hacks, especially if they aren’t running the latest WordPress security plugins. But if the damage is already done, hope is not lost; there are a few ways you can work to recover content, repair the hack, and most importantly, protect your website from future attacks.

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Jetpack 9.6: Sell more stuff with Search for your Woo Store

This month, we’re excited to announce official support for WooCommerce in Jetpack Search. If you’re serious about your online store, giving people the ability to quickly find exactly what they want to buy is a must. 

In addition, we’ve been adding better functionality to blocks and making maintenance and performance improvements. Let’s dive in!

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