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Never Miss a Moment: All Backups Are Now Real-time

Whether you have an eCommerce store, write about your favorite topics online, or promote services on your site, backups are absolutely critical. They provide incredible peace of mind — if your WordPress site is ever hacked or if it goes down for any reason, you can quickly and easily restore it in full.

Until now, Jetpack has offered daily backups as an option for site owners. And while this is a great step to protect your site, Jetpack’s real-time backups are the best way to get complete peace of mind. They save a copy of your site each and every time a change is made — a page is updated, a post is added, a setting is tweaked, or a product is purchased — all behind the scenes without requiring you to lift a finger. That way, you know that you’ll never lose a second of your hard work or a single customer order.

And we believe so strongly that every WordPress site should have real-time backups that we’re making them even more affordable and accessible.

That’s why we’re now including real-time backups in each of our Backup and Security plans.

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How to Maintain Your eCommerce Site

You’ve built your store, filled it with amazing products, and fine-tuned your marketing and logistics. This is a huge accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to kick up your feet and relax.

It might be tempting to shift your focus to the creative side of running your business. Launching new products and developing clever marketing campaigns can be a lot more fun than optimizing database tables and staying on top of SEO. But, just like in a brick and mortar store, your online shop requires ongoing maintenance in order to keep things running smoothly. 

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Five Ways a WooCommerce Backup Plugin Can Save Your Business

It takes a lot to build a successful online store, and the last thing you want is to lose all of that hard work. But permanently losing your website or customer data should never happen, because it’s completely avoidable. And if you use the best WooCommerce backup plugin — Jetpack Backup — it never will. 

Here are five ways Jetpack Backup can save your website and your business.

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Accepting credit card payments with Jetpack features

How to Earn Money Through Your Website with Jetpack

You have the attention of people who like what you have to say, love your work, and want to listen to your suggestions and ideas. Whether you’re a hobby blogger, a budding artist or crafter, nonprofit organization, or brand new business, if you have a busy website, then you have a built-in community. 

That audience is valuable! Earning money online goes far beyond online shops and eCommerce solutions — a collection of revenue tools built right into Jetpack helps you turn your community from fans into an income stream. Here are a few ways the versatile Payments block makes it possible to sell products, accept donations, and collect subscriptions fees with your website.

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WordPress site with Jetpack and WooCommerce

How Jetpack and WooCommerce Plugins Work Together

If you run an online store (or are about to launch one) you know that the right tools make the job much smoother. Jetpack has a host of useful features, and it really shines for store owners when paired with WooCommerce. The leading eCommerce platform and the ultimate WordPress toolkit work hand in hand to give you a secure, efficient store that converts.

Both tools are backed by teams of the world’s top WordPress engineers, so you benefit from trusted functionality and unrivaled support. Here are just a few of the benefits of combining Jetpack and WooCommerce. 

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Set Up a Simple Payment Button with Jetpack

Set up an Online Payment System With a Simple Payment Button

For many business owners, the incentive for creating a business website comes down to one thing: selling products or services. Typically, this is accomplished through business marketing; however, selling a product or service directly through your website can help as well. For this reason, it’s important to have an online payment system in place.

When many people think of online payment systems, the first thing that comes to mind is a full-blown ecommerce store. While this is certainly a popular option for large businesses, this type of solution can prove to be a bit overwhelming for smaller (or newer) businesses to develop themselves.

Fortunately, Jetpack developed a solution to this problem called the Simple Payment Button.

The Simple Payment Button helps you embed a payment system into your site without needing to set up a full store. This allows your customers to submit their payments with the click of a button, and you’ll receive each payment via your PayPal account.

Unsure of how to get started? Let’s review how to set up an efficient online payment system for your business using the Simple Payment Button.

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Illustration of a product page

How Jetpack Can Improve Your Ecommerce Product Pages

If you’re selling products on your WordPress site with WooCommerce or another ecommerce plugin, you may not yet be aware of the benefits of also using Jetpack. After all, if you already have a lot of extra plugins and extensions, you may be a little wary of adding another.

But there are plenty of reasons to add Jetpack into the mix. With a few smart choices and tweaks to settings, this toolkit can quickly boost your store’s performance, content, and sales — all without adding any extra strain on your server.

Let’s take a look at how some of Jetpack’s features can improve your online store’s product pages, which will help you increase engagement with potential customers and ultimately boost your sales.

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